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Look More Awake for 12 Bucks? Sure!

eyerollerSo, I turned 41 last week… during Friday of Invisible Illness Week!  I remember being one of  the youngest gals everywhere I went… now I am looking at “age defying” make up.

Here is one item I am adding to my arsenal though, and regardless of your age (or gender) if you are in chronic pain and up many nights, you may be interested too.

It’s the new Garnie Nutrioniste Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller. You just roll this “massage roller” that has a caffeine gel in it, under your eyes. It helps stimulate “microcirculation around the delicate eye area.” All for about 12 dollars.

I purchased this in August. The coolness of the metal tip of the applicator feels good, regardless of how well the product worked. But I wonder… could it be making a difference? The puffiness and creases seem a bit smaller. So whether it’s helping or having a placebo effect, I’m satisfied.

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  Lori Loveday wrote @

If you’re on a budget, it costs less or you already have it; hemorrhoid cream. It reduces swelling and promotes circulation. Having Behcet’s, you have to be inventive because drs. really don’t have a clue on what to do to deal with the issues.

  Sheila Rudisill wrote @

Yeah, you know when you wake up at 4:30 a.m. and can not go back to sleep…but you knew you would pay for it later…if you did not get at least a nap in…because you ACHE…and you KNOW you took your p.m. meds the night before…Well, we (Sisters) know the drill. Us girls, especially, need a little help looking a bit more spiffy to face the day (or ANYONE besides our significant other) and that Garnier Anti-puff Eye Roller sure fits the bill for me too! Under my eyes used to always stay puffy and I constantly looked so tired until I tried it about a year ago (well…I always was tired yet did not want the world to know). If you have not tried it…that roller thingy is wonderful and not anywhere as expensive as some of the eye creams/gels that claim to do the same thing. Gee Lisa, it is hard to believe we are on the same page (at different times). Love and Peace to all of you out there in the “land of ouch”.

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