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Look More Awake for 12 Bucks? Sure!

eyerollerSo, I turned 41 last week… during Friday of Invisible Illness Week!  I remember being one of  the youngest gals everywhere I went… now I am looking at “age defying” make up.

Here is one item I am adding to my arsenal though, and regardless of your age (or gender) if you are in chronic pain and up many nights, you may be interested too.

It’s the new Garnie Nutrioniste Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller. You just roll this “massage roller” that has a caffeine gel in it, under your eyes. It helps stimulate “microcirculation around the delicate eye area.” All for about 12 dollars.

I purchased this in August. The coolness of the metal tip of the applicator feels good, regardless of how well the product worked. But I wonder… could it be making a difference? The puffiness and creases seem a bit smaller. So whether it’s helping or having a placebo effect, I’m satisfied.

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Podcaster Seeks Hospice Expert

LAKEWOOD, CO - AUGUST 21:  Terminally ill hosp...
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Bridgette Mongeon is a writer/podcaster. She says, “We are saddened to report that we have lost one of our co-hosts to our  podcast. They had entered hospice and it was our first experience with  hospice. We would like someone who can tell us more about what hospice is  and how it works for what may be an emotional podcast. In addition we may be interested in doing a separate podcast on the experiences that have been  viewed by perhaps hospice nurses or others concerning visitations from the  other side during hospice . Much of this happened with our experience.

Please indicate HARO-Hospice information or HARO Hospice-visitation in
your subject line. This is a Christian podcast and a christian viewpoint
is helpful but not necessary.
Please note that I appreciate all response
but the grief is making it very difficult to get back to work. We will
respond to all as soon as we can.

Thank you in advance. You can  listen to other podcasts here

Email her soon because her deadline is: 01:08am CENTRAL – 28 August

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