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Free Online Seminar – Back To School Checklist for Special Needs Kids

parentI’ve found we have a number of parents who may or may not have a chronic illness themselves but do have a child with special needs. In the I saw this posted in the Disability Resource Exchange and wanted to pass it along: Parents of Children with Special Needs: Sign up for Free Teleseminar on Getting Ready for the School Year.

It is Wednesday, August 19, 12 noon Eastern Time. Joan Celebi, Ed.M., CLC, Founder and President of will be sharing her checklist for back to school time with a child with special needs.

We’ll talk about how to ease the family’s transition into the school routine, tips for starting the school year off right with your child’s teachers, and how to take advantage of the unique opportunity September brings to start creating a more manageable, balanced life for you and your family.

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