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Cutting the Costs – Day 4

Sorry I am a bit delayed. Spring Break didn’t give me as much computer time!


Today I called AT&T. Can’t get through? My mom gave me a tip. Just keep hitting the # button over and over and in just a minute a representative will come online. I just said I wanted to go over my plan and see if there was something better for me based on the calls I was making.

There was! I signed up about 8 years ago for “unlimited long distance” with AT&T. it was with AT&T “Corporate” and had gone from $20 a month to $33 a month over the years.

But in less than 5 minutes they “moved it” over to AT&T long distance. Thus lowering my bill by $13.99 a month and giving me 8 more services (such as ID blocking, etc.) for free!

They also asked about my television preferences. If I had kept the plan at Direct TV I had before lowering it, they would have been able to give me an additional $15 discount. For now, I’m happier saving $15 with AT&T and another $30 at Direct TV. (Don’t tell my husband he could get the history channel back just yet.)

Savings $13.99/month
Time: 15 minutes

So go ahead and get out your  next bill and just call and be polite. I typically have been telling representatives, “You know, I am just doing what everyone else is doing now and really trying to see what I am paying for and what needs to go.”

Many of you have written me with cell phone tips too. Thanks! My husband and I gave up our $50 month phone with Sprint about 5 years ago and now we both use Trac Phone. We don’t make a lot of calls, hardly any long distance, so it costs us about $100 every 6-9 months per phone. I LOVE it!

Got a tip! Comment below! I’d love to hear it!