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Who is Talking About What for Invisible Illness Week Conference?


We hope you will join us during some of the seminars for
National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week starting tomorrow (Monday, Sept 14)

All times are pacific time, USA
Listen here

Find out all information , speakers and more at

Feel free to pass this along! (In fact, we’d LOVE you to do so!)


Understanding How we Uniquely Deal with Difficulties in Life
Georgia Shaffer

Finding Health Insurance Coverage with a Pre-existing Condition
Jennifer Jaff

Super Foods for Super-Natural Health
Joanna Faillace

MONDAY – 5:30 PM
Hearts of Gratitude and Joy
Maureen Pratt


Coping with Chronic Illness in Your Marriage
Bill & Pam Farrell

Coping with Crises on Top of Chronic
Jennifer Saake & Lisa Copen

How to Start a Business When You are Chronically Ill
Kirsten Borrink

To to Be Announced
Kelly Rouba



It’s OK to say NO: Building Healthy Boundaries
Jenni Prokopy

Parenting When You are Chronically Ill – Chaos and Confessions
Dena Dyer, talking with Lisa Copen

Simplifying Your Home and Housework
Marcia Ramsland

Real Talk About Men and Chronic Illness
Jeff Kenyon


Find the Job You Desire and Can Do
Rosalind Joffe

When Your Child is Chronically Ill
Jolene Philo

Managing College with a Chronic Illness
Lynn Royster

Helping Others Understand Your Pain
Karen Richards


Applying and Winning Disability Assistance When You Are Chronically Ill
Scott Davis

Being a Teenager with a Chronic Illness
Naomi Kingery

Surgery Preparation
Curtis Dean Hall

Closing workshop
Lisa Copen and guests

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Freelance Writer Looking for People w/ CFIDS

Image by mbgrigby via Flickr

Amy Hammond Hagberg at is a freelance writer and writing an article for a Christian magazine.

She says, “I’m writing an article for a national Christian magazine on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’d love to include the personal story of someone who suffers from the disorder. If you are willing to share your experiences (you can remain anonymous), please contact me.” the deadline is 1:00 a.m July 14, 2009.

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What Really Matters on the 4th of July?

American Flag in Sun at Florida National Cemetery

In just a few minutes it will be the 4th of July here in the USA. The biggest news in San Diego is that you are not allowed to drink beer or any alcoholic beverages on the beach, but you can float in the ocean water and drink. I asked my husband, “So what does that mean? All the drinking dads will say, ‘Sure, hon, I’ll watch the kids swim’ and then there will be a bunch of drinking out on the water by people who can’t even swim?” A lifeguard’s nightmare for sure.

I tried to think of what ministries or highlights I could share with you that may be of interest on this important day. Here are some I think you may find an interest in. Don’t miss the video at the end. It’s about 5-minutes but wonderful.

Unite the USA is a ministry of Carrie Beth and Stacie Stoelting, sisters who are dear friends of mine who have an amazing amount of energy for all the ministries they have, including Bright Light Ministry.

The Western center for Law & Policy is the nonprofit organization by one of our best friends, Dean Broyles. (We’re actually spending the 4th with him and his wife and kids.) You may be interested in their monthly newsletter that describe the religious rights cases he is fighting (and winning!). Last month Dean received national press attention when a case of a pastor being told by San Diego county that he needed a permit to have small group Bible studies in his home became national news. (The county dropped the case.)

Christian Military Fellowship is an association of believers who are committed to encouraging Men and Women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are an indigenous ministry serving all elements of that society including all military services, all ranks, family members, civilian employees, all Christian denominations and traditions. Within the military society, our members, staff and constituents work to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help Christians to grow in faith.

Christian Military Wife Central is also a great site for women who can support one another during these difficult times.

Call 2 Fall is an effort to remind Christians of the scripture, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  (2 Chronicles 7:14). They are asking Christians all over the country to fall on their knees and kneel at least 3 to 5 minutes before the Lord wherever they may gather that day. Find out why our nation needs to fall to our knees.

In God We Trust Free Patriotic Christian Flash Movie
We’ve all heard how our founding fathers had a deep belief in Christ, but have you actually read some of their quotations lately? This video is a wonderful, goose-bumpy-feeling reminder of why the USA is blessed and why we should fall to our knees.


Happy 4th of July. I know many of you may be at home alone today and may not feel very “happy” but we do have much to be grateful for. I never like to comfort myself by thinking there is someone worse off than myself, but do remember today, that even if you are mad about your health insurance, frustrated with the government, or annoyed with your pastor, you have been give the gift of freedom to speak out about it and not end up in prison because of it. We have much to be grateful for.



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L’Oreal’s Color of Hope Make Up Changes Lives


It’s kind of obvious I love HOPE, right? HopeKeepers, Hope Endures… When living with illness I think hope can change things that nothing else can. Especially when that hope is in the Lord who will make all of the things we are experiencing worthwhile. He says he will “return the years the locusts have eaten.”

Anyway, a gal has gotta slap on some foundation now and then. And the new L’Oreal Paris Color of Hope line gives a good chunk of the proceeds to Ovarian Cancer research. This is dear to my heart because it is what took my grandmother’s life.

So check it out here at their web site. What a great way to see that word “HOPE” every morning!

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THANK YOU for the Honor of “Hero” Award


Well, it was officially announced last week, I won the “audience choice” award for the Our Bodies Ourselves contest as the Women’s Health Hero. I was thrilled and planned to blog about it right away, but then I kept reading through all the nice things you wrote, and bawled. And then read some more. And felt so unworthy.

If you all could see how many days I work late still in my jammies. If you saw how dirty my kitchen floor was right now. If you saw me sitting here working on the computer while I let my son play video games. If you saw the days I am just so exhausted and worn out I can hardly pray let alone blog or answer emails…. a hero?

But as I read through all your wonderful comments, I realized we are all each others heroes. I hope you feel like I am one of you. I don’t have my life together.  I feel like I am hanging on by a thread some days, just trying to get through one more event, get to the next activity, plan one more exciting family adventure.

Right now, I am supposed to be over at the school carnival in about an hour. It’s actually drizzling today, just enough that my knees are full of fluid and I remember from last year there is no where to sit at the school’s playground where I can see my son run around. Besides, I want to play with him! I want to take photos.

I was organized enough that I bought a cake yesterday for the cake walk today. No, I didn’t bake it and I don’t feel a bit bad about that. I have been on Nutrisystem 5 weeks now and have lost 11 lbs (So THERE, prednisone, you DON’T control me!) and I was not going to have the scent of Betty Crocker floating through the house and icing covering the counter.

You are all my heroes. Thank you for making Rest Ministries possible.

Thank you for voting for me and all your precious comments. By actually winning the thing (I was amazed!) Rest Ministries and National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness week gained lots (and will continue to) of exposure… thus… we can reach more people too.

I know, it’s not about numbers, but to me sometimes it is. Each person is precious to God and I want them to know it–and the more the better, right?

Love you,


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