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Ill Teens with Spirituality Cope Best

Calhan High School seniors in Colorado, USA.
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A new research shows that spirituality may help teens cope with the condition of chronic illness.

The Christian Messenger states:

Two separate studies were done by Michael Yi, MD, the associate professor of medicine, and Sian Cotton, PhD, research assistant professor in the department of family medicine. They investigated how adolescents might use spirituality as a coping tool for their illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease.

They defined spirituality as “One’s sense of meaning or purpose in life or one’s sense of connectedness to the sacred or divine. ”

Patients with IBD experience recurrent abdominal pain, bloody stools and diarrhoea, among other serious problems, and have an increased risk for colon cancer. Some would argue that all of these symptoms can be even more difficult to deal emotionall with when you are a teenager. In fact, research has shown that teens with IBD, this condition without a cure, are at risk for numerous psychosocial difficulties, including increased mental health problems and social stigma.

In the report Yi states, “Personal characteristics like self esteem, family functioning and social characteristics, like level of peer support, were similar between adolescents with IBD when compared to healthy peers, indicating that adolescents with IBD appear resilient.”

“However, health-related quality of life was significantly poorer in general. On average, when compared to their healthy peers, patients with IBD were willing to trade more years of their life expectancy or risk a greater chance of death in order to achieve a better state of health.”

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Kids Need to Move

basketballSome of you read through my Twitters and think I am one of “those moms” who have high expectations of their children and insist on signing them up for everything under the sun. But rest assured, I am perfectly content letting my 6-year-old do what he desires for activities. It’s just that he desires a lot.

He has a ton of energy and some of you have heard me also mention that he has sensory processing disorder which basically means he needs to move— a lot. And I have rheumatoid arthritis. I need to move—some.

Josh + Mommy = need for activities

So we go to karate 3 days a week, swim lessons, park, McDonald’s, play dates, Legoland, etc. But he needs to be active. Thankfully, we live in sunny San Diego where there is lots of activities!

But I am always glad to find articles like this!, May 26, 2009

Fidgeting helps kids with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder focus by moving to maintain alertness, a University of Central Florida study has found.

Study leader Dr. Mark Rapport suspects they are “under-aroused” — that their brains do not produce enough dopamine to keep them alert during normal day-to-day activities — so the kids move around to jiggle or wake their brains and bodies up. Read Original Article>>

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