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Cutting the Costs – Day 4

Sorry I am a bit delayed. Spring Break didn’t give me as much computer time!


Today I called AT&T. Can’t get through? My mom gave me a tip. Just keep hitting the # button over and over and in just a minute a representative will come online. I just said I wanted to go over my plan and see if there was something better for me based on the calls I was making.

There was! I signed up about 8 years ago for “unlimited long distance” with AT&T. it was with AT&T “Corporate” and had gone from $20 a month to $33 a month over the years.

But in less than 5 minutes they “moved it” over to AT&T long distance. Thus lowering my bill by $13.99 a month and giving me 8 more services (such as ID blocking, etc.) for free!

They also asked about my television preferences. If I had kept the plan at Direct TV I had before lowering it, they would have been able to give me an additional $15 discount. For now, I’m happier saving $15 with AT&T and another $30 at Direct TV. (Don’t tell my husband he could get the history channel back just yet.)

Savings $13.99/month
Time: 15 minutes

So go ahead and get out your  next bill and just call and be polite. I typically have been telling representatives, “You know, I am just doing what everyone else is doing now and really trying to see what I am paying for and what needs to go.”

Many of you have written me with cell phone tips too. Thanks! My husband and I gave up our $50 month phone with Sprint about 5 years ago and now we both use Trac Phone. We don’t make a lot of calls, hardly any long distance, so it costs us about $100 every 6-9 months per phone. I LOVE it!

Got a tip! Comment below! I’d love to hear it!


Cutting the Costs – Day 2

_piggybnak1Today I called and canceled our newspaper subscription. To some people this would be a big sacrifice, but we get most of our news on the run from the radio, TV and internet. We only have it delivered Fri-Sunday already for about $8 a month, but I only read a bit of Sunday’s and collect the coupons. Since we are often out during Sunday’s anyways, I can always pick up a paper for the coupons if I need it.

Savings $8/month

PS: I also have been trying to pay my mortgage the past few days. Chase seems to just randomly decide that your password will no longer work and then it takes quite some time to get a new one, entering in the loan number, getting a phone call with a verification code, etc. When I called to ask them about my actual loan number they tried to get me to just make the payment over the phone… for an additional $15. This is something I’ve done in the past– but refused to do today! They also tried to give me a credit card with a huge interest rate. No thanks!