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What’s the Rule of Thumb?

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This is a fun site to visit, Rules of Thumb, if you have a few minutes and want to be entertained as well as informed. They have nearly 60 “rules of thumbs” in the health section. All of these are short, and I wouldn’t bet my life on them but they are interesting.

For example if you want to determine the effectiveness of a calcium tablet (of a particular brand), the rule of thumb is stated as. “To see how long a calcium tablet will take to break up in your stomach, place a tablet in a few ounces of room-temperature vinegar and stir vigorously every five minutes or so. The tablet should disintegrate completely in 30 minutes or less. If a tablet remains mostly intact after a half-hour, chances are it won’t be of any value to you.” The source given is Consumer Reports, USA

Another interesting rule? As a rule, men will have figured out approximately what an item will cost and will have the needed amount or more waiting on the cashier. Ladies on the other hand, will wait until they are told what the needed amount is and then open their purse or clutch and dig out the money.

You can also look up topics like “durability.” For example, the rule of thumb about wearing shoes is that if you switch back and forth between three pairs of shoes, they will last as long as five pairs worn out one pair at a time.

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