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What is our responsibility to define “faith?” in the medical community?

Methodist puts faith in health © Copyright Morningstar, Inc. Hospital makes official its plans to research power of faith in medicine By Daniel Connolly April 25, 2007 Methodist Le Bonheur Health Care formally announced its plans to open its Center of Excellence in Faith and Health, but the hospital group is still looking for suggestions on how to form the new research and clinical center. Toward the end of a ceremony Tuesday afternoon, Methodist workers passed out business reply cards that asked people to write down what they believe the center should offer. "We want to understand what they think would be significant and powerful in terms of an experience that links spirituality and health," Methodist president and CEO Gary Shorb said. The broad outlines are already clear. The center will take up a physical space within Methodist University hospital and a nearby courtyard. It will serve as a location to train clergy and health care workers, as a multifaith place of worship, as a counseling center, and as a symbol of Methodist’s

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