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7 Ways Health Reform Is Going to Affect You

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This entire blog post, 7 Ways Health Reform Is Going to Affect You, is quite interesting at the US News and World Report web site, written by Bernadine Healy, M.D.

Today, Sen. Ted Kennedy introduced a 651-page bill, the first of several bills that will be issued in a flourish in the next few weeks. Since full details of what might make it into the final legislation won’t be known until later this month at the earliest, barely a month is left for any kind of public discussion before a July vote. Enough common threads have emerged, however, to indicate that people should start looking beyond the headlines now for an idea of how the new system will affect them personally. For starters, here are seven ways that your healthcare experience is apt to change

>> I encourage you to read it. (Some good news, some bad news.)

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