The Ministry of Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.


I am honored that out of the millions of web sites online, you are here! I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 24 in 1993, and . . . I’ve not been healed. (“Eek! Then how can you minister to others?” some people have dared to ask.)

Well, because God is so good! One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 119:50, “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” –He preserves it, refreshes it, rejuvenates it. And He wants to do the same for you, despite whatever kind of pain you are in!

I have been blessed beyond measure as I have had the opportunity to start a Christian ministry, Rest Ministries, for people who live with any kind of chronic illness or pain (like back pain). Did you know nearly 1 in 2 people in the United States have a chronic condition?

Many of our symptoms and our pain may be invisible to those around us, but they are not invisible to God. He not only sees your pain but He captures each tear as it falls.

This is one of those “author/speaker” web sites that always feel a little bit self-indulgent, because it’s about . . . well, me. But it’s purpose is to help you quickly locate information about the topics I speak about, books I’ve written, and organizations I am a part of, so that I may walk beside you in this journey (and you can consider me “credible.”)

More than anything, I hope this personal web site will connect us on a deeper level as you visit the Rest Ministries web site and find out more about how your illness may be more than a thorn — even an asset!

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  Christi wrote @

God bless you for being a woman much stronger I thought possible. I want so bad to find strength like yours, thank you for the inspiration and the glimmer of hope it gives me.

  Maggie Smith wrote @

Your ministry has been a blessing to me since I found a link at least 15 years ago.

  Starr wrote @

Please note the mis-spelling – actually an incorrect word – in your lead. The word and its correct spelling is "whuppin' " NOT &qwpo;uhtooing". Whooping has to do with making loud noises. "Whuppin' is a Deep South dialect that derives from "whipping" as in "beating with a whip"; beating in general; defeating by a large margin; etc.

  Capatin wrote @

Thanks for writing. Your first comment confuses me. When I, as a customer, buy a $1 coupon for juvenile diabetes, donate my nickel bag refund back to the store to give to nonprofits – where is that money counted? It must be counted in a donation from the store, yes? What budget is allocated from – from a corporate or foundation budget? It has to be in one or the other, doesn’t it? And since those dollars and nickels were donated by me, the customer, the companies are then donating customer’s donations, correct?I look forward to your claatficriion ….

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