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Rest Ministries On TV This Weekend

red-tvOver one year ago I had a film crew who came to my home to tape a segment for a television show. It was exciting, but before the airing date, the program was discontinued.

Well, the show has been picked up by a tv show called “Heroes Among Us” and the producer who taped my segment was notified yesterday afternoon that the show is actually airing today and tomorrow (Sat and Sun). You can check your local listings here for times.

It will be airing both days. Next week we should have a DVD that we can post online. (I’ve not yet seen the program myself!)

Please pray that we are able to reach many with the Good News and the fact that our ministry exists! This is a secular program, so the fact that they chose a Christian ministry to feature is truly a blessing.

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested!


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Father’s Day Reminder… Kids are Watching

A panoramic windshield on a 1959 Edsel Corsair...

I loved this video.

My son is 6 so it was especially poignant. In recent months he’s watched us pay bills and yes, leave a note on a car’s windshield when we hit it.

Dads have a lot of desire to be perfect… but it’s not about perfection. It’s just living your life as close to Christ’s as possible, and letting your children see you ask for forgiveness when you don’t measure up.

I know as a mom I am giving my son plenty of opportunities to see me ask God (and him) for forgiveness!

Watch this amazing video here:


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