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Doctors Try to Ease Financial Worries of Chronically Ill

With the rising costs of medical care, loss of jobs and more I was glad to see how doctors are personally trying to help out this stress.   Sandra Bodman of The Washington Post, writes about this in an article, “Doctors trying to ease their patients’ financial pain”

Doctors are encountering more patients struggling to pay for care. Some doctors have responded by selectively cutting their fees or devising novel payment arrangements; others have taken a harder line on billing and are sending more overdue accounts to bill collectors.

Although groups such as the American College of Physicians do not specify how much charity care members should provide, many doctors say they feel a responsibility to help strapped patients, particularly those with whom they have long-standing relationships. Some say assisting patients pays dividends in the form of loyalty, which will benefit them once the economy recovers. For others, such efforts may stem an exodus of consumers at a time when elective procedures and visits to doctors’ offices are down.

So far, none of my doctors have volunteered to lower their prices, but I have not expressed the need or expectation that they would. Most of my doctors, I believe, are struggling financially themselves.

Regarding those with chronic illness, the articles goes on to address this, explaining one doctor’s solution for now:

Family physician H. Lee Adkins of Fort Myers, Fla., recently launched a novel plan to counter the growing no-show rate among patients with chronic illnesses: a $75-per-month fee that entitles patients to a basic package of services including more than a dozen office visits per year, simple lab tests and many vaccinations. Patients are required to sign a one-year contract. Why $75? “That’s the same amount people spend on a monthly cable bill,” Adkins says.

What has been your experience?

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Do You Have a Special Needs Child? Sale at EP Bookstore

I just received this information and wanted to pass it along. I know many parents with and without chronic illnesses themselves also have kids with special needs. The Exceptional Parent Booktore is a great resource and they are currently having a “Blowout Sale.”