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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Reflections From RM Founder While Recovering From 4 Joint Replacements

cast-2Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging e-mails that I have received since my hand surgery on November 4, 2009. I had the 4 knuckles that connect my fingers to my hand replaced with silicone joint replacements, due to their disintegration from rheumatoid arthritis which I have lived with for 16 years.

This is my first joint replacement, and although I have taken the prescribed pain medication as necessary, and it has not been fun and games, thankfully the pain itself has not been unbearable. In the last two days, the pain has increased, but evidently this is a good thing since it means the tissues are connecting to the new joints and I am in phase 2 of the healing and recovery.

My new bionic hand

My new bionic hand

As with any health challenge like all of you, living with this splint that resembles what my son says is “C3PO from Star Wars,” is inconvenient and therapy takes up about 15 hours a week including , the drive which is 20 miles one-way. My mother is here to help and I cannot do without her, however, I know that it has not been easy on her to see me and pain. Not being able to type is driving me a bit nutty too.

It is also an interesting journey for me as I am trying to find time to work on my next book for Christian moms with illness. As an author, it is easy to write about how one should ask others for assistance and organize their family life so that is easy for someone else to step in and help you out –but on a practical level, it is a very difficult challenge, especially when people don’t show up or have to cancel at the last minute.

I am far from understanding parenthood with a chronic illness, but I that God will use the many experiences I’m having to make it a better and more realistic book.

And I have discovered that such an odd looking contraption on my hand catches many glimpses from people as I am out and about at a store, etc. It has been the source of many conversations where I have been able to pass along information about the ministry and my Christian faith to others who are struggling.

For example, yesterday my mom and went to a secondhand store ran to by a church. When I shared with the cashier who asked about my splint, she shared about her own family’s health struggles. I had a couple of copies of my books in the car and when I brought them in she said she recognized the name of the ministry and that she was also studying to be a Stephen minister.

Today I met a Christian mom who lives with Graves’ disease and who also has a teenage daughter with a chronic illness. In less than seven minutes we exchanged conversation about some of our deepest struggles and I gave her our web site and hope to hear from her soon.

Please continue to pray for Rest Ministries and that I will be able to represent the Lord and his glory.

There are moments that I think my brain is not working. For example, the other day at the parent/teacher meeting, I tried to tell a teacher Joshua was in karate and the character trait they were learning right now was “focus.” The definition of focus according to his karate instructors is “keeping your goals in sight.” But I accidentally told the teacher it meant “keeping your girls in sight.”

She looked at me and said “girls?” And I laughed and said “Mommy has had a little bit too much pain medication today.”

Our family continues to take one day at a time like many of you. My sister has been going through a very difficult time as well and although no family is perfect, I do know the blessing of having a family who turns toward each other during challenging times and I’m extremely grateful for this.

I updated most of the web site before my surgery so please continue to visit for daily encouragement as well as our daily devotionals and our weekly issue of HopeNotes.

cover-175x135I am also excited to say that’s our newest issue of HopeKeepers magazine is now available via digital format. You can read 18 sample pages of HopeKeepers Magazine here (enlarge the box for access) or read the whole 64- inspiring pages for a $5 donation. And for all the chronically ill guys out there. . . you may be especially encouraged by the story Casey Martin – golf pro – turned golf coach.

Thank you again for all of your loving support. And I couldn’t do without you!



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