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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Organic… or Not?

If you are like me you walk through the produce section and see the organic area. Then you see the price and turn around and go back to the other section. Being healthy can have a price tag attached to it and does it really make a difference? One of my friends recently said, “If I ate all of the healthy organic stuff that I feed my kids I would be in great shape!” Another mom (half) jokingly said, “It’s just another way to make moms feel guilty when we don’t buy it.”

I found a great web site called that has a “Shoppers Guide to Pesticides.” You can get a pdf document or even an iPhone application. This way you when you’re shopping you will have easy access to know which produce items you should spend the extra cents on and buy organic, and which fruits and vegetables aren’t really worth the extra expense.

They list the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15” as well as a full list of 47 Fruits & Veggies and where they rank in their pesticide  safety. The worst? The peach and apple. Definitely buy organic on items like this that have thin skin, especially if it’s skin you are eating. The best? The onion and avocado.


  Ada Mahle wrote @

I am right there with you Lisa when it comes to the cost factor. In my honest opinion, organic food has priced itself right out of my budget. Therefore, eating a healthy, well balanced diet is far more cost effective and makes just as much sense to me. Perhaps if they made the prices more reasonable, I would consider their foods in the future. Until then, common sense rules!

  Deb wrote @

We are fortunate to have a new store in our area called Fresh & Easy, which carries organics at reasonable prices and packaged in logical quantities. Plus they have some items in their store brand, like yummy granola in many great flavors, baked cheese puffs, tortilla chips, etc. Only thing is they added a liquor section at the cost of 2 aisles worth of other good items. I don’t buy alcohol very often, wine maybe once a year. So that is all a loss in my opinion. But, if you see a Fresh & Easy in your town, I recommend it! We buy less at Trader Joe’s now, F&E is cheaper.

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