The Ministry of Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Sometimes You Have to Smile

Living with illness can be so daily… and depressing! This photo today is brought to you by . The people who started this web site share, “At Cute Overload, we scour the Web for only the finest in cute imagery. Imagery that is worth your Internet browsing time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance.” So go ahead and get some cuteness in your day. Take a break from reading about pills and research.

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  Winn wrote @

Lisa, Wasn’t sure how to get a message to you. Just wanted to say that I was sorry to see that you had to cancel a radio broadcast becuse of feeling badly. Sure hope you are feeling better. You are like a breath of fresh air to those of us who hurt, and we miss you when you are down, but we also understand.

“True friends are like stars… you can’t always see them, but you know they are there.” That is how many of us feel about you. We always know you are there for us.

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