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America’s Best Hospitals List Revealed

Mayo Clinic's Plummer Building
Image by Olivander via Flickr

Each year US News and World Report magazine releases a special edition that includes the best hospitals in the USA, depending on what form of treatment you my need. Today they have their new list America’s Best Hospitals: The 2009-10 Honor Roll.

The article states:

This year, the 20th for Best Hospitals, institutions are ranked in 16 specialties, from cancer and heart disease to respiratory disorders and urology. A total of 4,861 hospitals were considered; 174, or less than 0.4 percent of the total, were ranked in even one of the 16 specialties.

I specifically like how they figure out their list. For example, on the area of reputation (which was 32.5 percent of the score) was based on “three years of specialist surveys–a total of almost 10,000 physicians were asked to name five hospitals they consider among the best in their specialty for difficult cases, without taking into account cost or location.”

This is a site worth bookmarking, even though we hope you won’t need it!

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