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October is National Sensory Awareness Month

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October is National Sensory Awareness Month with the theme “Come to Your Senses.” Volunteer packets will be distributed starting this month, July.

This is the fifth year that will lead and sponsor this national campaign to raise awareness regarding sensory integration/sensory processing disorders. I am posting this because I am VERY familiar with SID or SPD as a mom of a child with sensory issues.

Read more about sensory processing disorder at – In fact, if you know a child who cannot sit still, you may start reading about it for the child, only to discover that you have it and that is why you may do some of the things you do.

SI Focus encouragers people that October is the month for working within your own community raising awareness in your schools, among neighbors and within your family.

You can join their volunteers throughout the US and in Canada and England. Contact them at and request one of their free Volunteer Packets. They will send you an electronic packet filled with ideas to raise awareness in your community, press release ideas, a fact sheet and more information.

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  Beth wrote @

Lisa: I think this is the first time I’ve really looked into SID. I was quite interested as I was diagnosed with ADD as an “older adult” and see some similar symptoms in myself.

My heart goes out to you in your mothering a little guy who suffers with this condition. My grandson was diagnosed with absence seizures and it’s been a real challenge for his parents, especially since this happened while they were in the early stages of learning a new language. They serve the Lord in a church planting ministry in Mexico City.


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