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God is Able to Do Anything

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Rhonda is one of those gals that keep me going. Each week I get a precious home-made cart printed out with a personal note that tells me she is praying for me, for my family for the ministry. She has been going through a very difficult journey lately not only with her own illness but with that of her sister, who has been battling a brain tumor. I cannot even fathom how she faces each day with joy and still has left over joy to encourage other people.

She recently wrote me an email and I wrote back and said, “Can I print this? I know it will encourage others!”

She of course said yes and I asked if she wanted her sister’s name removed. She said, “On the blog you can list my sister’s name, we’d appreciate any prayers! My sister is home, but has a very long road ahead. She struggles to do any normal activities (just to sit up she needs help). We do talk on the phone, but even that is hard. Words come slowly and she doesn’t always use the right one (that makes it hard to know what she is talking about). But we are continuing to thank God for His goodness and for His healing touch.”

I know this is difficult to read, but I know you will also see Rhonda’s amazing faith in the Lord shine through the darkest clouds and I hope it helps you get through one more day. Please remember Rhonda and her whole family in your prayers.

Hi, Lisa,

I just wanted to update you on my sister’s progress. Lori had her second brain surgery on May 28th to remove cancer. The pathology report was wonderful: 1% non active cancer; the rest was radiation burn. Lori was moved to a Rehab Clinic about 2 weeks ago. This Thursday, June 25th she’ll be released with Home Care. My sister can’t walk, stand, or do much physically without a lot of help. Her speech fluctuates. She has memory loss both long and short term. We won’t know if all of this is permanent or she will heal as the brain heals.

My parents, and Lori’s husband, Otto along with friends will rotate the care of Lori. There needs to be tough love for Lori as she has to be made to do things whether it hurts or are difficult. It’s all part of the healing process.

Otto may have to sell their home and move to a one story home. The home they have now is split level with many steps. Humanly we know this is not the “right” time to sell a house. But God knows exactly what is needed and when. God taught my family a lesson when I was just out of the sixth grade.

We had taken Lori to college in PA and we were on our way back home to Florida. To make a long story short, my parents both got jobs in PA and we needed a house. We had to return to Florida, pack up our house and move to PA. Dad, Mom, and I stopped at a Realtor to see about getting a house. Dad said we needed the house within an day or two. The Realtor said that you’d need at least 60 days, maybe 30 to buy the house. Dad said, we have a God who can give us a house.

We walked out of the office and stopped at a 7/11 type store, bought a lunch and newspaper. Dad saw an auction and house for sale. Dad called and we met the family. After looking over the house, Dad offered to buy the house and the contents. The family was thrilled not having to go through the auction! That same day we signed the papers. God had given us a house (and the contents!) in ONE day!

Through the years, when we need something that seems impossible, we say “if God gave us a house (and contents) in ONE day. . .He can do. . . .whatever.” And it’s true. So, if Otto needs to move to a house without steps, God can supply not only the new place, but a buyer for the old place. I have to continually remind myself not to limit God. He is able to do above and beyond which we can think. He has no limits. He can take care of whatever. . . .God can do anything!!

So, all that said. Please continue to ask God for the following: Healing for Lori, wisdom for Otto, Mom, and Dad; strength for each of them, and wisdom about the house. If Otto is to sell it, what needs to be done and how to get it done. Finding the new house and all the details in buying it and moving.

We appreciate your prayers for the family. Thank you!

Create a positive day!

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  Rhonda wrote @

Thank you for talking with God on behalf of my sister and family. Brain injury recovery is long and slow. But we know that God is in control and that no matter the outcome….GOD IS GOOD, that fact NEVER changes. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

  nancy wrote @

God bless you, and continue in your faith, and may God honour your faith. He is real.

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