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Why Health (or Illness) Bloggers Blog

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Do you blog about your illness? If so, I’d love to have you post your link below so I can visit your blog!

And can you answer one question for me? Why? What’s makes you blog?

Recently a study was done by the University of Chicago business school on health bloggers. I received an email from Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD, who is Chief Medical Information Officer for .

I wanted to share this information with all of you that blog about health or illness topics and we’ll look forward to the results! Rush says. . .

The researchers initially conducted a series of telephone interviews with Health Bloggers to understand what the key factors are that drive people to blog on health and healthy living topics.

In this first phase, they explored in one on one conversations the reasons and motivations for health blogging. Based on the interviews, the researchers tailored a special survey instrument to get a better understanding from a larger sample of health bloggers of what motivates health bloggers. Some of the key findings from the analysis of that survey include:

– The reasons for blogging varied, but centered on the passion for health or healthy living, enjoyment of writing, and the desire to inform, teach and engage in a discussion. Several also mentioned self expression, a desire for recognition, the opportunity for creating a personal brand, and the enjoyment that comes from helping others.

– HealthBloggers are deeply passionate about leading an active lifestyle and remaining healthy.

– HealthBloggers value as extremely important the following attributes: the ability for readers to find information on their blogs; quality of blog entries (content); and up-to-date information/content.

– The need to belong to a community was important.

– The size of reader audience was only somewhat important, and recognition was slightly less than “somewhat important”.

– Respondents also mentioned developing relationships with others, getting immediate feedback from readers and receiving emotional support as reasons for blogging.

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  Ker wrote @

I started a separate blog for my fibro this year. I was blogging about it on my family blog but felt like some people weren’t interested in my rants or whinings at times. I have been able to track my progress while trying different therapies and even found a new trigger by blogging about it. My readership is really small with mainly some dear friends who care and are scattered across the planet. I’ve found some new friends who also suffer with fibro as well. I like it when I can find fellow bloggers who are real about what they are going through. It makes navigating through this thing a little less lonely.

  Cindy wrote @

I blog because it is a great way to get information on lyme disease out to the pubic. Lyme Disease is the great immatator and misdiagnosed as other chronic Illnesses or disease before people find out they have it. When this happens Lyme becomes a serious chronic illness that can and has killed.

Testing is not accurate and it is on the rise at a rate higher than Aids, it is a political disease, and one of the only ones you will be denied treatment. You can get antibiotics for acne just not a disease that has killed. Because lyme patients are litterally dying to get better. Our children are at highest risk.

No one seems to understand this disease unless they get. Then they need all the help they can get because our MD’s are not going to help. It has increased by %50. It can cause everything from migrains to MS.

I blog about it because everyone needs to learn about. People too easily believe their doctors. New studies have linked lyme to Autism in our children, Fibromyalgia once thought to be of unknown origins.
Parkinsons, Alzhiemers, and mental illness.

The science is out there but our MD’s and most people don’t realize how prevalent it is. I have to blog to warn about the dangers of lyme because most people still believe you will see the tick on you, get the bullseyes rash and get treatment long enought to keep you well.

For Many this is just not true, it is true for some but others are fighting for there lives. Some just do not even know they have it because they are fighting some other chronic illness and don’t yet know they have lyme disease.

Anyone with chronic Illness should see Under Our Skin. Their is a scientist MD who found spirocheets (lyme bugs) in all his patients with all these different diseases I have mentioned above.

I also have this disease, and treatment has helped me. I would be dead had I accepted my doctors diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and not found new primary care MD office. I am far from alone, so I have to get the truth out. I just want to scream because it is preventable.
If It is caught early and treated longer than the IDSA guildlines of 2 weeks people would not relapse back into Illness. People would get better. In most cases we see up to 10 doctors, specialist, yet the disease is missed.

They should go by symptoms first and treat with antibiotics to prevent chronic Lyme disease. Everyone with symptoms should be tested. Children born from mothers with it should be immediatly tested and treated to prevent serious consquences.

  Jasmine wrote @

I started blogging about my life with Migraines (FMS, MCS, and more recently OSA) for over three years now, and I absolutely love it. It’s something I can do at my own pace, whenever inspiration hits. I try to focus more on what I’m doing in order to achieve wellness instead of only venting (although, venting is a very necessary thing at times!).

Throughout life we struggle for validation. And when you have an invisible illness you desire it even more so. If you’re like me you’ve had your share of friends, co-workers and doctors who make you feel as if your pain is all your fault and/or it’s all in your head.

My thanks to all the HealthBloggers out there, who are helping to educate, lend support and even add comic relief to those of us living in chronic pain.

  Bluebirdy wrote @

I blog about my illness so that others can know they are not alone in this frustrating lifestyle, and to get advice from others who have my conditions. The up-side I didn’t expect is the loving, supporting, praying friends that regularly visit my blog and send encouraging messages to help me keep going.

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