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My Favorite New Web Site for “Deals”

So it’s Saturday. Are you one of those garage sale shoppers or has your illness prevented you from getting up to go get those deals at 6 a.m. like me?

I have some good news about a cool new tool I just discovered. If you are looking for an item or news, you can now easily be notified. My husband and I have just had a mattress for six years now and would love to get an inexpensive pine bed, something simple, like from IKEA.

But logging on to Craigslist or other web sites to search for something used can be a hassle and you easily miss the deal to someone else.

Then I found . That’s right, no .COM on the end, but .ME —

You just go to the web site and sign up for a free account with your email. Then yougo the the web site that has the product you want to watch or be notified of when it is posted.  So for example, I went to San Diego Craigslist and put in the search terms “pine king bed” and then copied that URL (the and posted that in the notify me box.

They have a great video you wcan watch for detailed instructions. You can also be notified via phone, instant message, etc.  They also provide other ideas of how to use, for example when certain words are on Twitter, or Facebook, or Google News.

Anyway, I haven’t found a bed yet, but I’ve gotten about 5 notifications this week and it’s always nice to know when something has posted. If you are looking for a used item at a good sale price, you may definitely be using this as a tool to find just what you are looking for!


And here is another web site I haven’t yet used, but have heard good things about: . You pick an item, and tell them the price you want to pay for it, and then this web site checks its price daily for you. Deal Alerter then sends you an email alert when the item you want to buy drops to the price you set. Has anyone tried this? Good experience? Bad? I’d love to hear!

Pick an item, and we’ll check its price daily for you — then send you an email alert — when the item you want to buy drops to the price you set.

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