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Kids Need to Move

basketballSome of you read through my Twitters and think I am one of “those moms” who have high expectations of their children and insist on signing them up for everything under the sun. But rest assured, I am perfectly content letting my 6-year-old do what he desires for activities. It’s just that he desires a lot.

He has a ton of energy and some of you have heard me also mention that he has sensory processing disorder which basically means he needs to move— a lot. And I have rheumatoid arthritis. I need to move—some.

Josh + Mommy = need for activities

So we go to karate 3 days a week, swim lessons, park, McDonald’s, play dates, Legoland, etc. But he needs to be active. Thankfully, we live in sunny San Diego where there is lots of activities!

But I am always glad to find articles like this!, May 26, 2009

Fidgeting helps kids with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder focus by moving to maintain alertness, a University of Central Florida study has found.

Study leader Dr. Mark Rapport suspects they are “under-aroused” — that their brains do not produce enough dopamine to keep them alert during normal day-to-day activities — so the kids move around to jiggle or wake their brains and bodies up. Read Original Article>>

Other Articles of Interest:

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  Patti wrote @

my story is similar – my ADHD son has the need to be in constant motion. but he’s 13-1/2 and all the activities in our town are geared toward kids in the 3 – 8 or 10 range. He doesn’t have a group of friends in the neighborhood and hasn’t yet learned to entertain himself. I have psoriatic arthritis and I’m worn out – it’s only the third day of summer vacation…
I’d like any and all help; I’ll read those articles for sure.
Take care!

  Beth wrote @

Hi Lisa!

Since I have adult ADD (and probably did as a child) I was quite interested in this entry. I haven’t checked out the links but would like to when I have a minute.

Your son is a year older than my grandson. He, his 8-year-old sister, dad (my son) and his mom will be visiting us for about a week after almost three years in Mexico, preparing for a career ministry there. These two are certainly “on the move.”

I remember with a chuckle the first time we saw our granddaughter walk. “Run” is more accurate, with one little arm swinging broadly as if she couldn’t wait to learn and experience more of her world.

God bless you two as you raise YOUR little ball of fire!!

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