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Get Lab Tests Done Early

I remember I used to be able to go over to the lab at my local hospital and get my lab work done and within half a day my rheumatologist had the results. These days may soon be past, so now when you have lab tests that need done before an office visit you may want to go a few days or a week ahead of schedule.

Why is this?

According to the latest Wage & Vacancy survey by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, half of all laboratories in the United States have difficulty hiring laboratory personnel.

Numerous efforts are underway to remedy the problem, including help from the federal stimulus package, but they face an uphill battle, says Kathy Cilia, director of marketing for the American Medical Technologists.

The number of MT schools is closing because of funding cuts, a lack of available clinical sites to provide training, and low professional visibility, said Cilia.  > read more

What can you do?

  • Ask your lab if they are having any delays in getting lab results back to physicians?
  • Ask your doctor how long it typically takes to get results from the lab you are using?
  • Ask your doctor how early is too early to get your tests done? Some doctors want them just a day or so before the appointment.
  • If you doctor orders new labs for you, ask if some of them may take considerably longer than others. I recently had some done that had to be sent to the Mayo Clinic and took about two weeks to get back.


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