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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

THANK YOU for the Honor of “Hero” Award


Well, it was officially announced last week, I won the “audience choice” award for the Our Bodies Ourselves contest as the Women’s Health Hero. I was thrilled and planned to blog about it right away, but then I kept reading through all the nice things you wrote, and bawled. And then read some more. And felt so unworthy.

If you all could see how many days I work late still in my jammies. If you saw how dirty my kitchen floor was right now. If you saw me sitting here working on the computer while I let my son play video games. If you saw the days I am just so exhausted and worn out I can hardly pray let alone blog or answer emails…. a hero?

But as I read through all your wonderful comments, I realized we are all each others heroes. I hope you feel like I am one of you. I don’t have my life together.  I feel like I am hanging on by a thread some days, just trying to get through one more event, get to the next activity, plan one more exciting family adventure.

Right now, I am supposed to be over at the school carnival in about an hour. It’s actually drizzling today, just enough that my knees are full of fluid and I remember from last year there is no where to sit at the school’s playground where I can see my son run around. Besides, I want to play with him! I want to take photos.

I was organized enough that I bought a cake yesterday for the cake walk today. No, I didn’t bake it and I don’t feel a bit bad about that. I have been on Nutrisystem 5 weeks now and have lost 11 lbs (So THERE, prednisone, you DON’T control me!) and I was not going to have the scent of Betty Crocker floating through the house and icing covering the counter.

You are all my heroes. Thank you for making Rest Ministries possible.

Thank you for voting for me and all your precious comments. By actually winning the thing (I was amazed!) Rest Ministries and National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness week gained lots (and will continue to) of exposure… thus… we can reach more people too.

I know, it’s not about numbers, but to me sometimes it is. Each person is precious to God and I want them to know it–and the more the better, right?

Love you,


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  Sheryl Smith wrote @

Lisa, I am so glad for the award. You are much loved and appreciated by all of us who have gained support and dear friends through this ministry.

  Jenni Saake, author, Hannah’s Hope wrote @

Praise the Lord!!! Lisa, part of what makes you a hero is that you are “real” and that you have dirty floors and are just hanging on by a thread like the rest of us! You don’t put on pretenses, but just live your life one step at a time as God provides for that moment. {{{hug}}}

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