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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Ellie Kay, American’s Family Financial Expert Talks to the Chronically Ill

elliekayIf you live with an illness it’s no secret your pocketbook is impacted. And it can be frustrating to hear all the financial “tips” such as “stop buying $3 coffees” when you are just struggling to figure out how to afford your medications.

Meet Ellie Kay. We are so excited to have her and thank her for taking the time to talk to our audience, because right now she is in high demand as a “American’s Family Financial Expert.” In fact, you may have seen her being interviewed on programs and for publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, CNN, Fox, NPR, Redbook, Women’s Day, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, and Parenting Magazine.

This Christian woman is an author of a dozen books, a popular speaker, corporate educator and spokesperson, and mother of seven. (Some of us may be most impressed that she is the mother of seven and has time to think straight about anything – especially something financial!)

Within two and a half years, Ellie Kay went from being a new wife and stepmom to two children with $40,000 in consumer debt to being completely debt free-all on one military income! So she knows what she is talking about! Within 15 years and while adding five more children to the family, Ellie and her husband were able to pay cash for their cars, buy and furnish two five-bedroom homes (one after selling the other), take wonderful vacations, dress fashionably, build a nest egg for retirement, send the kids to college loan-free, and give away more than $100,000 to nonprofit organizations around the world.

living-rich-for-lessEllie teaches people sound money habits that are do-able and will stretch their dollars. Her latest title, Living Rich for Less (Waterbook/Random House, January 2009), sets forth her 10/10/80T Rule–give away 10 percent of your income, save 10 percent, and spend the last 80 percent wisely!

In her free time, this self-professed “crazy woman” likes to have adventures. She says, “I make sure these are safe and supervised by licensed professionals.” Some of her crazyness includes skydiving, mechanical bull riding, bungee jumping, ziplining 150 feet above a jungle, hydrofoil racing, roller-coaster riding and parasailing.

Ellie is part of the Thelma Wells Ready to Win Conference! Read more about this exciting conference in Texas May 22-23rd, free online web casts, and even a cruise (even if just to dream…)

Visit Ellie Kay’s web site for lots of resources and tips!

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