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Cutting the Costs – Day 3


After itemizing our health expenses for taxes recently, it made me sick to see how much we were spending on medications (Ironic that it would make me “sick,” huh?) This is one of those things I’ve been putting off for far too long–changing my medications over to mail order. When I checked into it a few years ago the savings would have been minimal. But now I am able to pay two month’s co-pay and get three month’s supply. I looked up the paperwork on my health insurance web site, filled it out for my husband and I and sent it off to our doctors to fill out and send it. It may take a month or two for it to be in place, but it was an easier process than I had imagined.

Savings: $400/year or $33/month

… a few hours later. Upon looking up something online about the mail order pharmacy my insurance uses I discovered various complaints about the company. Now I am a bit scared and reluctant to hand over my well-being to a strange company when Larry and Larry (yes, two pharmacists) at CVS have handled all my medications for nearly fifteen years. I need to do a bit more research. $33 a month is a lot of savings, but being without my medications because of an error is a high price to pay to. Has anyone had a god or bad experience with NextRX?



  Jenni Saake, author, Hannah’s Hope wrote @

I rely heavily upon my local pharmacist for anything new or that I’m stil adjusting dosages on, etc. But for the medications we take at the same doses on a year-to-year basis, we have used mail order for several years with great success (And savings). The only time meds got “lost in the mail” and didn’t arive by the promised date, they overnight expressed a new set to us without cost and when the originals cames finally 3 weeks later (post office error) we were able to keep them as well and wern’t billed as they had already been counted “lost” in the insurance computer system.

  Michele wrote @

We too have been trying to see how we can cut back on med costs. We were able to do a few of my meds on the discount at the pharmacy, but not all my meds are on the discount program. Our co-pays every year keep going up… but at least we don’t have to pay what the actual cost is! If you find some other places with discounts, let me know… I will do the same.

  Randall wrote @

I rec’d my med’s via mail order for about a year. The biggest advantage I discovered was NOT having to go to the pharmacy twice a month -saved time. However, I recently went back to Walmart b/c mail order couldn’t compete w/ $4 generics. So I have to stand in line sometimes, but the savings is worth it. I’m going to ask my dr to give Walmart a 3-month prescription for my “maintenance med’s.” That’ll reduce my time getting them while still getting the $4 generics.

  Debbie wrote @

Great ideas! You can also find lots of free stuff at

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