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Cutting the Costs – Day 1

_piggybnakLast week I decided that there was money going out that didn’t need to be and I was going to track it down. Experts are advising that we all start trying to live on half our income. Although I don’t know if that is possible, I do know that there is some expenses we are incurring that we don’t need.

I know that some of you are living on much less than I am and may read this week’s postings on this topic and think “Gee, she has it easy! I wish I was able to afford that to begin with!” I understand. I do know how blessed I am.

But there are also some of you I hope I can encourage to join me on this journey to save some bucks this week! Each day I am going to make a post on how I have found a way to save some money, with real-life practical tips. If you have some ideas, I’d love to hear them, or if you are doing the same, tell me about it!


I did it. I called Direct TV and changed our cable program. We signed up a few years ago with one of those great specials they had going during the fair. But did we really need 155 channels? We hardly even watch TV! And they just raised the prices again last month.

Now we will only get 55 channels, not 155. The good news is we will still get Noggin for my son’s favorite shows. Sadly, no more FOX News. I can live without that for the $25 difference it will make.

I also noted that I have been paying $3.99 a month for the magazine guide that used to be a freebie. I cancelled that but did have to call the company itself. They didn’t have the option to cancel it online (tricky!) Surprisingly, I was able to get in touch with a customer service representative quickly.

Savings: $30/month

Ah… it feels good.


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  Rest Ministries wrote @

So my bill was a bit high this month so I called Direct TV. According to their records I still had the more expensive plan (despite the fact that we lost 100 channels last week). I was able to tell him the exact date I did it thanks to my blog. I asked him what else was on my bill. The magazine! That is what I specifically called to cancel on the phone since I couldn’t do it online. And he said that he had down that I wanted to cancel TIVO next month (uh… no).

Hence, now come all the problems of going back through everything I “fixed” and arguing with customer service reps about changes made to accounts. My advice would be to keep track of what day you called places, get names of who you spoke to, and watch your next bills. There seems to be a lot of “errors” going on right now “accidentally on purpose” by companies who are hurting financially too and hoping us customers won’t notice!


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