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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Got Illness? Need Music? We’ve Put Together a Playlist

musicWe recently discovered Christian artist Natalie Grant has a new single out called “Our Hope Endures.” And it’s about someone with an illness! Well, Hope Endures happens to be the name of our new radio podcast – and I named it over two years ago. Ironic, huh? Or a God-thing!

You can even write to Natalie personally on her blog and let her know what the song means to you.

So I put together a playlist with this song and 20 others that will encourage you and give you something to listen to when you are browsing around the internet. Click here for the playlist on our Hope Endures web site.

Last year we asked you what songs you liked to listen to that perked you up when your illness was getting you down. Thanks for your suggestions! We searched for many of them and some did in fact end up in our playlist.

If you think of more, leave your comments below and we’ll put together another playlist in honor of Invisible Illness Week 2009.



  Maria wrote @

Great playlist, thank you! Some are already regularly played at my HopeKeeper group, but here are a few more:
psalm 23 by Kathy Troccoli
Keep holding on by Avril Lavigne
you’ll never walk alone by Jordin Sparks

  Libby Sellers wrote @

What an awesome idea! Thanks. I had forgotten all about and it is even better with everything they’ve done to improve it!! God is using you girl

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