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Fireproof Movie Not Burning Out!

I wanted to share with you some of the news regarding Fireproof since this is a movie I so believe in.




FIREPROOF Opens in 59 New Cities

It’s opening day for FIREPROOF … in nearly five dozen new theaters, that is. The No. 1 inspirational film in the country is expanding to a number of new cities. While the list covers much of the country, the West is well represented, with new theaters in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington. In addition, we have already secured 15 more theaters for October 17. Be sure to check out the FIREPROOF Blog for the full list of new locations.

FIREPROOF also continues playing in nearly 800 theaters that it opened in on September 26. It is exciting to hear about so many people that have gone back to see the movie again, each time with different friends on their arms. In all, the movie will play in 869 theaters for the week starting Friday, October 10.

Isn’t it time to go the movies … again?

See the list of new theaters

Making a Difference
Jeff Abramowitz, the Partnership Strategy Director for FamilyLife, along with his wife Sue, recently sent out an email to their friends. Jeff was kind enough to let us share some of his sentiments with you.

“OK … so, here's a challenge. Go to the listing of movies currently playing in your area. Now, of all the movies showing in theaters across the country, name or identify which of them can actually make a difference in someone's life or family?
“If you're honest, there is only one … FIREPROOF.

“I'm not of the camp that says every movie has to change lives. I love movies as an escape, etimes. I enjoy an engrossing, morally decent film that I can get lost in. Then you have those films that are ‘RIDICULOUS’ or ‘INCREDULOUS’ and not worth the time to preview. But, way too seldom do we have the chance to view a theatrical movie that CHANGES LIVES. ..

FIREPROOF is shocking Hollywood and they would love nothing better than to see this movie crash and burn (pun intended … it's also ironic that the ridiculously inane movie, ‘Religulous’ is out at the same time). If we don't continue to go, bring friends, small groups from church, neighbors, family members, etc, they will soon have to pull the movie from theaters
“If FIREPROOF is going to continue to be played in theaters long enough for people to see it and be impacted by it, there needs to be a reason to keep it at theaters … people going. Please consider enjoying this movie today.”
Making an Impact on Everyone
FIREPROOF is a movie about marriage for married couples, right? Yes … and more. Take a look at a couple of stories we recently received at

“I've seen this movie twice (and counting). I'm only sixteen and way too young to even consider a martial relationship. But this movie has changed the way I treat my brother. I give him more respect and I've learned to lead my heart instead of having it lead me. Praise God for this movie and God bless all of the work that went into this. I pray that this movie and its messages will spread like fire. (Pun intended.)” (Molly)

“I went to see this movie with some friends, all who where single. It was amazing to see how packed the theater was with couples and how many came in ‘separated’ but left holding onto each other. Even as a single woman, I found this movie very real and heart wrenching. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back and see it with my mom.” (Rae)

Read more first-person stories


  Lisa C. wrote @

A great article on this movie and how it came to be:

  Summer wrote @

Hey I absolutely love this movie. I already have the book, the love dare, and it’s changed my marriage already and I’m only on day four. I want to take my husband to go see it on his birthday, does anyone know if it will still be in theaters on oct 30?

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