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Need Encouaged on Your Illness Journey Today?

Ever have that feeling of just being overwhelmed by it all? Between flaring, colds, being on and off medications, and trying to get more done than my body will allow, I've had a few of those moments lately. "Stand" sung here by Bebe Winans is one of my favorites. I saw this episode on Oprah a few years ago and immediately went out and bought the CD for this very song—something I never do, but I just had to have access to this song.

Now I get the joy of sharing it with you. When you've done all you can… don't worry… just stand (or sit, as the case may be for many of us – you can "stand" in spirit. God understands!)

SP: And if you're wondering if this is an endorsement for Oprah… no, it's not. So keep that in mind before writing me. I couldn't find his performance of this song anywhere else. 🙂

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  Natalie wrote @

The gentleman that’s singing this song is Donnie McClurkin. You may want to share this information in case someone would like to purchase his cd. The title of the song that he is sing is “STAND.” Another song that he sings that speaks to my heart is “We Fall Down”…we fall down and we get up, we fall down and we get up, for a saint is just a sinner who fell down and go up…
He is one of my favorite gospel artist.

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