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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Barack’s Goals for Healthcare Include Chronic Illness Management

The specifics of Barack Obama's 4-year goals for health care is one of those "dreams" that politicians often flash about to make people think for a moment, "It just could happen."  According to Star-Telegram reporter, "STEVE JACOB, "He bundles three evergreen feel-good concepts — electronic medical records (EMR), disease prevention and chronic-disease management — and totes up dubious savings to fund his ultimate goal of making health insurance affordable to everyone."

Though I doubt that his goals are do-able, especially in 4 years, it's nice to see that chronic illness management has a place in healthcare reform and that it's a waste of time and money for those with chronic conditions to have to go through their primary care physican every time they wish to see a specialist.

Thought some of you may be interested in this information and statistics below… (excpet the one about how many people die from a chronic illness. That may not be the most cheery thing to hear.. Keep in mind we are all gonna die, and better some day from an illness than from a piano falling on you.)

This is reprinted from the

Chronic-disease management would seem to be the most promising area of all for expense management. Treatment of chronic illness suffered by about 133 million Americans accounts for 75 percent of the $2 trillion spent on healthcare every year.

Chronic illness, which causes about 70 percent of U.S. deaths, includes arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, depression and diabetes. It makes less sense to treat chronic illness in the office of a primary-care physician who is trained to treat many patients with a variety of illnesses in quick succession.

A chronic-disease patient requires a more detailed case-management approach than a family physician can provide, focusing on prevention of exacerbation of the condition, consistent monitoring and accountability for following guidelines.

The Permanente Medical Group in Northern California did just that for six years. The results: substantial quality-of-care improvement — and no cost savings. Two other factors conspire against chronic-disease management savings.

A study just published in the Annals on Internal Medicine points out that an estimated 1 in 3 working-age adults without insurance has a chronic condition for which they are inadequately treated. If access to healthcare is broadened in the next administration, count on the chronic-illness bill to grow substantially.


  Jean wrote @

I just recomended this site to someone else who suffers chronic illness.
However, I feel particularly unhappy to see Barack mentioned here as he supports the killing of unborn from conception to nine months age unborn or partially born.
Weather we are unborn, ill, disabled or elderly, we have the right to life.

  Lisa Copen wrote @

Jean, thanks for sharing your concern. I am not a fan of Barack’s—but I think it’s important we know what they are at least talking about now and then and how it could impact us. I didn’t mean to make it sound like any form of endorsement. My point was rather about it being “a good thing” that chronic illness was being recognized as a place that does need assistance. If you re-read the post I think you will see that only the first couple of sentences had anything to do with this candidate. Most of the post is about chronic illness and the need for chronic disease management (regardless of who are leader will be.)
I am sorry if I’ve offended you in any way. We occasionally mention things that are “political” in nature, such as when laws change that impact those with illnesses, and I’ve had a few people in the past get angry when I shared something that Bush had done that was a step forward for the faith or disability community in legislation.
I don’t like to stir up trouble, but I also believe that we need to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to politics rather than ignorant. If you aren’t aware of it, I highly recommend the web site, The Presidential Prayer Team at Whoever our leader is there is no doubt they all need prayer!
Lisa Copen

  BevinUSA wrote @

Hi Lisa I would like to mention a few things that I am not sure many may know of any health programs that are being promised by obama.
I have a wonderful p care doc. He blocks off 30 mins for me and then 30 mins for DH
Our Doc is a Christian and I donot think there are many out there like him
If this country the USA heads towards socialized medicine what will happen is that a good doc like I have will be forced to see more patients and then cut back on the time he now give us and having a brain injury well I need that time to talk with him and for him to be able to listen to me and all of my concerns.
So I ask that anyone that maybe hearing great promises that they know that someone will pay if we go to socialized meds and it will be all of us that need understanding a good bedside manor and a friend in the docs we have.
I am also adding this. Each year now my huby and I pay out 6,000.00 for our meds with what they call the donut hole. Those of us that are disabled do to things we had no control over, will be paying more and more for our health care and we will be getting less and less back We will be paying for many that are not even part of our Country. I donot mind helping others but there are many that have someone in their family that can work and they should be an not just getting benefits from the government for not wanting to work and they are not ill
Thank you so much
Hugs Love and Prayers BevinFL/USA

  Gillian wrote @

As Christians, we should be most understanding about differences in personal beliefs. We have created a giant web of churches who share varying degrees of belief with one another. It has not been that long ago that Catholics and Protestants were killing one another. When a person has done something good, it is senseless to deny that good because they disagree with one of your fundamental beliefs. We are all of us a bit behind in focusing on the logs in our own eyes.

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