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When You Are Too Ill To Go To Church: Where do you worship online?

Mary Yerkes, a wonderful writer who also has a chronic illness, recently sharing in her blog post where she worships online. Hawaii!  She shares…

“Perhaps one of the greatest frustrations of living with chronic illness is the inability to predict how you’re going to be feeling on any given day. An exhausting week at the office, coupled with intense ministry,  left me physically and emotionally drained, unable to make church this morning.

On days like this, rather than miss out on worship and the preaching of the Word, I worship online at New Hope in Hawaii. New Hope streams their services online and offers video on demand. I love the creativity of this church and think that you will, too!”

Since oftentimes when I am unable to go, my husband and son still attend, I like to log onto my own church’s web site, Maranatha Chapel in San Diego. It’s great that we can still talk about the sermon, worship, or whatever Sunday afternoon and I feel like I was there.

Where do you worship online? I’d love to hear about church’s of yours, or churches you’ve just found who have a great online worship service!

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  Pandora wrote @

I go to the website for our local Calvary Chapel. They also have archived messages so, if I want to do a study on a specific book of the Bible, I just look up the references and listen to a teaching from them.

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