The Ministry of Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

ICRS Day 2

Mom and I had breakfast downstairs and got all my boxes that had been shipped here delivered to our room. We stuffed 50 of the 150 bags of “Beyond Casseroles” books with magazines, a snack bar, etc. We needed food so ventured out.

We caught a trolley that goes up and down International Drive. By the time we figured out out where we were, we had gone past the restaurants and instead were down by the outlet malls and Sea World. We saw the Sea World water park (looks fun!) and joked about how we could just run into see Shamu for a few minutes since we have passes from San Diego’s Sea world. It’s kinds of like Santa… how can Shamu be in two places at once?

We ended up stuck on the trolley for too long, but got to see the neighborhood, the convention center, where we will be, etc. And it cost me $1 and my mom (senior rate, sorry mom) $.25! What a bargain.

We finally got off a block from our hotel and grabbed a sandwich. Made it back to the other hotel for the women’s writers conference  (AWSA).

Since this is my 3rd year, it’s fun to see people I know now, and it was a great feeling to get to share it with my mom.

Carol Kent shared a message that had us all in both giggles and tears. Truly a gifted speaker, because she shares her message so seamlessly. Everyone (about 80 people) got 60 seconds to share about their ministry, book, etc.

Like I’d told my mom, it’s an amazing group of women –and nearly every ministry comes from some sort of pain.

It’s late and I have a wake up call at 6:30. Mom is in bed snoring. I still need to lather on some Voltarin cream on the shoulders (new and works GREAT Rx if you are wondering).

I’m honored to be here among such amazing people… but also honored that you give me the gift of representing all of you who live with chronic illness or pain. With every book of “Beyond Casseroles” people pick up, I hope someday you will feel the trickle down impact of someone who reaches out to you.

Checked in with the guysl Hubby is still at work. Josh said he missed me. He gave me a bit of a lecture about accidentally forgetting to give them my car keys and they thought they were locked out to the house, until they got the garage door to open (which had been sticking the day before…) Josh said, “it wasn’t funny!” When I said, “Goodnight my little prince,” he said he wasn’t a prince, but a boy. I said, “goodnight my little boy.” and he said, “No… call me a boy prince.” He blew kisses. Pretty good coversation considering America’s Funniest Home Videos was on TV

PS: Just remembered, on the plane I read a wonderful article in the new issue of Ladies Home Journal Magazine about Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer– about their friendship, especially during Robin’s battle with breast cancer. It even has some tips about reaching out to friends with illness. If any of you are so inclined to read it, take an extra moment to write the editor and thank them for representing this subject and doing it so well!

Love you, thank you for your continued prayers. I am sored, exhausted, but taking extra prednisone and getting by on adrenaline too.



  Jenni Saake wrote @

Praying for you this wee Lisa Some year I hope to join you there!!!

  FernMarie wrote @

Hi there,my friend!I didn’t realize you were giong to be in Orland or Tom & i would have come and driven you and your mom around!
A suggestion…if you think you’d like to find a “goodie”from Florida for Joshua,see if you can find a toy gator.They’re everywhere here.(all our gramdkids love them,hehehe)
Take care of yourself and Thanks for ALL that you do!
Sending hugs and love,

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