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Cuddle Ewe Bedding Prices Rising After Mother’s Day

I wanted to let you know, the Cuddle Ewe mattress tops are going to raise their prices after Mother’s Day. I’ve had one of these on my bed for years and it’s made all the difference in my quality of sleep–enough so that a couple years ago I bought the travel version too so I can now actally sleep while on vacation.

You can purchase them through Amazon here and then Rest Ministries gets a percentage of the sale price too.  Someone recently emailed me to ask a few more details and I responded below and thought it would be worth sharing the "details" with you too!

So it may be something to consider using part of your stiumulus check from the government for. Anything that makes me sleep better impacts my whole quality of life.

I was excited to read about the "cuddle ewe" bed cover that you sleep on and then you gave a website to buy it. I have had terrific pain in my bones from laying on most any bed. This sounds like a great addition to the bed that would help my bones(especially hips) not hurt as bad. Can you tell me… it made of feathers or is it synthetic/polyester or the like???? I slept on something like it at a Marriott Hotel last year and wanted one so badly. They only sold the feather ones and I have allergies to feathers. Please let me know, if you have a minute. Thanks so much! (I LOVE href=””>HopeNotes!!!) Nancy in Kansas

I know it’s not feathers… details are here.

I know what you mean about the hotels! They are getting better. I love Marriott’s beds, but even after thinking their extra padding was fine at I had my husband get up and put my bed on. Now, airlines are charging $25 or so extra for the 2nd luggage! I may just have to pay it. It’s so worth it to sleep and makes any bed into “my bed.” I am like the princess and the pea. My husband likes it too though so we have it on the whole bed.

The king was $300+ and I never would have taken the risk and bought it (though I think they have a trial period) but my uncle had read about it (who reads about EVERYTHING alternative) but he gave my mom some money and they chipped in and had I known I would have got it before then. I’ve had it about 10 years I think and it’s still great. Just flip it and turn it now and then. I could give them an amazing testimonial. Would love to see them advertise in our magazine

Anyway, I couldn’t say enough about it except it makes any bed sleepable for me and that’s a gift. Even at my parents, they have a HARD extra bed and they put a foam thing on when I visit and then I put my CE on. I used to buy 2 foam things everytime we traveled just to try to sleep.

It kind of feels like a feather bed. I have RA and FM and my shoulders really need replaced so it helps with that. And I’m one of those who sometimes actually wonder if thumbtacks are in my bed with the trigger points and it helps with that too.

I see their web site does say, “If it doesn’t meet your needs, simply return the undamaged Underquilt within 90 days and Cuddle Ewe™ will promptly refund your money (excluding original shipping and handling).” So that’s cool! Hope this helps!

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