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“Desperate Housewives” and Handicapped Parking

I never thought I would have a reason to blog about the TV show Desperate Housewives, but while watching this recently (you caught me!) I thought this episode of Gabby envying… and then using… a handicapped spot a bit enlightening.

Later on in the episode she convinces her blind husband to go out for a fun afternoon with her. Only she makes him wait in the car while she parks in all of the handicapped spots to run her errands in high heels.

Sound unrealistic? I didn’t think so. In fact, this this was mentioned in my book Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend.

#39 is:   If your friend has a disabled parking placard and you are driving, allow her to tell you where she wants to park. If she’s feeling particularly good that day, she may not want to park in the “blue space.” Don’t be disappointed that you’ll have to walk farther.

#60 is:Never invite her to go Christmas shopping with you just so you can use her disabled parking placard.

Thumbs up to NBC and the writers for calling attention to the fact that these spots shouldn’t be abused and even clarifying that a wheelchair isn’t a requirement for having a placard (see the conversation in the first video below)

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