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Poll Results- How do you feel when celebrities “beat” their illness?


We had 21 people respond to our question last week, "When you read that celebrities ‘beat their illness’ how do you feel? Inspired or disheartened?" You can still respond here!

Last week’s winner for a free book is Kim R at email raleymike…. We’ll ship it right out!

We loved your honest comments! (And could relate to them too!) Here are a few (in different colors).

"When you read that celebrities ‘beat their illness’ how do you feel? Inspired or disheartened?"

I feel annoyed. What that seems to indicate to me, when folks say that, is that everyone with an illness has a ‘choice’ to beat the problem, or be beaten by it.

I can choose how I’m going to respond to the feelings I have about my illness/disability, but I probably had no choice in my body getting the illness or disability. I also probably have little choice with whether my body will ever totally overcome the problem in this lifetime.

Why someone heals and others don’t, has been and still is, beyond the knowledge of mankind. Only God knows. What I do know is I can choose how I live with what I have.

If healing comes, I’ll praise God. If it doesn’t, I hope I continue to praise God. But when I hear people say, with such ‘pride’ that they ‘beat’ an illness, it seems to insinuate others are doing something ‘wrong’ if they don’t ‘beat’ theirs. And I should ‘listen up’ to find out what secret they did, so I can get it ‘right’ and ‘beat’ my problem.

I don’t believe that for a minute anymore, though I used to.

Okay, confession time. I feel incredibly angry. Part of it is that I am sceptical that they never had the "full blown" illness and part of it is just plain anger that what worked for them has not touched my pain. I want to say "I am taking 150mg of morphine a day and still hurt so shut up" WOW I can’t believe I really said that. These commercials seem to evoke negitive emotions that I don’t usually feel. I much prefer turniing off the TV and getting on with my life.

Disheartened because every time someone else "beats" their illness, it reinforces the belief that my illnesses are really fake and if I just did whatever (whoever) did, then I would "beat" mine too. This is particularly bad with my husband, who doesn’t believe my illnesses are real to begin with. He constantly tests me, trying to see me slip up and show that I’m faking it. I’m not faking anything.

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