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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Poll Results – Do you dream at night about life before illness?


Do you have dreams of running or doing things you did before your illness?

> There is still time to answer here

We had 52 people respond to our question last week, "Do you have dreams of running or doing things you did before your illness?" Wow! Last week’s winner for a free book is Tina C at email tjc…. We’ll ship it right out!

Tina shares, "Yes, I often dream of water-skiing and boating like my family used to do. Since being diagnosed with MS I haven’t been able to do some things I used to do in the past! The fatigue is so great sometimes it’s an effort to get dressed!"

We were inspired with Janice’s comments, "I have tried to keep on going. I have traveled all over the world ministering to missionaries and nationals. Before every trip I become very anxious and have bad dreams about not making it through an airport. This has been so strong that I would quit if I didn’t have the prayers of many supporting me. I always find that God protects me, lifts me up, gives me rest and gets me through with incredible ease. He has never let me down."

And we could all use a reminder of the lesson Mary shared, " I have decided that I need a new dream. The new dream is how I live with my illness and calm the frenzied lifestyle I have been leading. Less frenzy, means less up and down with my illness. I do NOT have to do it all anymore." Yay, Mary! Illness definitely has a way of readjusting our priorities.

We’ll soon feature all of the feedback somewhere on our new web page. We’ll keep you posted with a link!

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