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Patient Acronmys About Doctors – a laugh

I saw this post and it gave me a laugh. I think you will still be able to relate to it! I can think of plenty of them myself. How about DTOSTO but YNTLW (Don’t take off shoes to weight but you need to lose weight!)



C.H.R.O.N.I.C illness
John Appleby

If doctors can use coded abbreviations to be rude about their patients, surely patients can do the same to doctors

>> read the full article here

That doctors use coded acronyms in patients’ notes to convey secret messages to colleagues (and also, perhaps, to vent frustration – with patients, with themselves and with the limits of medicine) is no surprise. The sheer bloody rudeness and dead-black humour may shock some, but we have all seen enough episodes of M*A*S*H, Green Wing, ER, Scrubs, Cardiac Arrest and Angels to know that nurses are not always, er, angels or doctors gold-plated gods.

It may be news to the medical profession, but of course two can play at this game. Next time you’re waiting in your GP’s surgery take a look around at any graffiti – little words scrawled by patients on the armrest of your chair or a public health poster featuring Colin Carrot. These are messages and warnings patients are passing on to others.

Like signs left on gateposts warning door to door salesmen and beggars of the likely reception or generosity of the occupant, COWWOW (Can’t Open Weekends, Won’t Open Weekends); TOTSIE (Too Overpaid To Stay Open In Evening), convey previous patients’ warnings and frustrations.

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