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Making Friends Through Invisible Illness Week

Alice started to tell me this neat little story and I asked her to write it up so I could share it with others. Hope you enoy! Lisa
Aliceervin I just have to share what a neat thing came about by being a part of Rest Ministries.  In September of each year, Lisa Copen, founder of Rest Ministries has what is called National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week.  (NICAW)  Each day there are several on-line sessions with a different guest speaker for each. 
(photo is of Carol on left, Alice on right)
This year I logged onto one with a speaker whose name is Carol Krejci.  She had written a book entitled, “Sowin’ Seeds and Touchin’ Lives.  Carol donated two of her books to anyone who had entered to win.
That was the beginning of the most amazing event in my life the last few months!  I won one of her books, read it and found out we lived only two hours from each other. We began e-mailing, and became fast friends.  Carol lives in a cute cottage in an old Methodist Campgrounds (still operating), and each year they have what is called a “Christmas Walk.”  This involves walking (or riding a wagon or golf cart) to cottages of people whose homes are open to tour – all decorated to the hilt for Christmas.
Carol invited my husband and I to come early for a luncheon she was having for a group called “Heartwarmers.”  This is all part of the story of her dear friend, Steph, who passed away with breast cancer.  It is all in Carol’s book, and is a long and very moving story.  But, what I was asked to do is tell you about my amazing week-end.
At the luncheon I was privileged to meet so many wonderful people who touched both mine and my husband’s lives in a way we will never forget.  One is a painter, one a writer, one has a Bible Study, one is the daughter of Steph,…..and the list goes on and on.
My husband and I were held spellbound for about an hour as the “painter of portraits” told her testimony, and how she came to paint a portrait of Christ as commissioned by a man in a close-by city. He told her he wanted a “Jesus” whom teens could relate to.  I wish there were time and a way I could share this portrait with you all!  And, her testimony is amazing!! 
From Carol’s house we went to visit another friend’s cottage in the campgrounds….and from there, on to a beautiful and festive Christmas dinner, complete with violinists playing for us while we dined.
Then, the tour of the campgrounds — which was like driving through a fairy land. As I said, I could go on and on. 
We then went back to Carol’s book-signing table to chat with her before going back to our motel.  She shared so much about her life, her friends lives and oh, so much! What a great and brave lady she is!
Now that we are home, I am in touch with one or more of these ladies almost every day via e-mail. They have “adopted” Dan (my husband) and I into their Heartwarmers group.  I gave them a tape of me singing, and they are going to use one of the Christmas songs I sing at their Christmas party which is coming up soon.
I feel like I now have an entirely new family in this small, Southern Ohio town.  What a blessing it is to know each and every one of them!
Lisa asked me to write “just a paragraph” about winning this book and where it has led, but what I have written here only touches “ the tip of the iceberg” where this story is concerned. I could write oh, so much more! 
Let me say, this past week-end proves just how much good can come from all that Rest Ministries does.  It is like dropping a pebble in a lake — the ripples go on and on — and we never know just how far it all reaches. But, I do know that it all eventually reaches the heart of God.
I definitely know that God is in the midst of this wonderful ministry.  It has given me so many new brothers and sisters in Christ during the few years I have been a part.  There is no way to say how thankful I am for the day I found Rest Ministries. Thank you, Lisa Copen for your obedience and love for Christ, and His “hurting” people!
"HOPE does not disappoint us,
because God has poured out
his love into our hearts
by the Holy Spirit…."
Rom. 5:5

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  Jeanie wrote @

What a wonderful, heartwarming story! Thanks so much for sharing!

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