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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Chat Mentioned Had Emergency Cancellation

Soon after I sent out the annoucement about the special chat guest I received this email from Shep. Please keep her and her family in prayer.
We received a call tonight that we need to head out to Florida right away.  My husband, Harold Wilson’s father is in very bad condition and his kidneys are failing.  We must go and that means a 2500 mile drive.  Please, pray for his body to respond to the treatments and that he will not go into kidney failure, and that we will have safety on the roads and good weather along the way.  It is a 24 hour drive, and if you recall, I had blood clots just 8 months ago and am not supposed to do long drives — please pray that we can manage to stop and walk and still get there as soon as possible!
Harold was to speak tomorrow Feb 1st 2 pm EST and Carold Krejci was to speak Thursday, Feb 7th.  I will send a note and reschedule when we know what is going on.
My apology for not sending more personal emails, I needed to just do this in one as I have family to contact, and packing to do and many arrangements to make regarding this trip — including my own medications and refills and other things of that nature — thank you for your prayers that we will not forget anything we need, and that we will have peace in the journey.
Thank you to the regulars in the room for doing me a huge favor by welcoming new folks to the room and for just helping to cover the prayer times, chat times etc.
ThereIsHope is the host for the room and she will be ‘in charge’ if you have any problems.  Blue and LRae have also agreed to try to greet people — please, pray for those who come to the room in need of support during this time.  Lrae and Hope both have my cell phone in case there is a need to reach me or if there are other problems, BUT – this is GOD’S room and we KNOW HE is going to take care while we are unavailable to do the normal day to day stuff!
Bless you all,
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