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The Hustle and Bustle – Just personal stuff

Well, I made out my list on Saturday of everything left to do this week. My parents arrive here the 22nd. They left last week to drive from Oregon and are taking a side route to Arizona. The Josh got sick. Not feeling-really-awful-and-wanting-to-sleep sick. Just the kind of sick where you know you shouldn’t send your kid to school and pass along germs to other kids right before Christmas.

So needless to say, nothing has gone accoding to plan but I am working through the list. We made it to Borders yesterday and got him a Little Einstein book (a Disney show hit) and then tried to shop for others. He got bored so decided to raise his voice and say, "Moommmm, I am sooooo sick. My legs are tired. I can’t shop when I am this sick!" Grandmothers all over looked at me as if I was a bad mother for dragging my kid out to take care of my agenda despite him being ill.

Little did they realize he’d been bored all morning and seemed to perk right up any time we hit a toy aisle.

Today we made sugar cookies. Okay– I admit it– I bought the premade dough, but I did actually roll it out and let him make angels and trees and stars with cookie cutters. We were both covered in flour and it was fun. For years he’s refused to get his hands dirty so this was real progress.

For those of you who have been praying for him, thank you! As I’d explained last month he’d not eaten a single nible of food since he had a minor choking incident in June. We’ve been to doctors, play therapists, a psychiatrist, specialist, pediatricians and now have had abut 8 appointments and Children’s Hospital for "food and get messy" therapy.

Last weekend my husband and I splurged at Starbucks and split a sugar-free banana walnut piece of cake. Josh has been learning to "lick food" (just to get it to his mouth… it’s such gradual therapy!) Well, he wanted to lick crumbs…. and hey stuck! Of course, people around us, once again, questioned our parenting I am sure when Mommy and Daddy only offered their kid crumbs, even taking the leftovers in a cup. But he ate them all!

So, it’s been about 10 days in a row now he’s eaten something. Teeny tiny bird-size nibbles of muffin, spice cake, banana bread, pumpkin muffin tops, etc. I am so relieved. He turns 5 in January and had survived the last 6 months on milk alone.

So, my most recent lesson this last week, when God tells you "go ahead and have that piece of cake" listen up!

Love you all,


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