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prayer for families of church shooting

a sad story and yet a praise intertwined

New_life_church Sadly, 5 people were killed Sunday at a Colorado church.

New Life Church is one of Colorado’s largest with about 10,000 members.

You can read the story here

We received the following email in our prayer request area. Please keep the church and families in your prayers.


We received this in our prayer request area:


I must praise the Lord today!

Today– here in colorado springs— [regarding] the shootings, at New Life Church

My husband drives a van for New Life Church to get the handicap people. Yet last night our group leader canceled the christmas party for our group. We would of been giving lunch and presents but due to the snow we didn’t want our handicapped loved ones out in it.

All 250 are safe and at home. Praise to Beth our group leader had it in her heart to cancel. We would of been only a hall away from were they are saying the shooter was firing his gun! The lord is good! Please pray for the ones that have been shot and thier families.


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