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And the Season Begins…

How much do good intentions count?

Delclipart The lights are all up outside (and somewhat working); the decorations are up; the tree is half decorated (my son was sick so we did lights and a few ornaments and stopped till he’s feeling better.) Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, "JESUS IS COMING–LOOK BUSY."

I understand that message is light-hearted and it does proclaim that Jesus is indeed coming. But I also wonder if it doesn’t add to the illusion that God will judge us based on our works instead of who we are and how our relationship is holding up with Him. Last Friday it rained here in San Diego.

Minor weather compared to what the US is experiencing all over right now with snow storms and 100 mph winds. But San Diego received more rain in 24 hours than most of the year combined, so to us it felt "major." Pulling out the umbrellas that had not been used in 11 months was exciting to my 4-year-old son, Joshua. Picking him up after preschool felt like an "ordeal" jumping the puddles and trying to not get soaked.

My church was holding a "live nativity" that night and carolers, crafts and snacks. I called four times Friday and just received their answering maching [note to mega churches. . . ANSWER the phone!!] I called my girlfriend to see if her family was going. We both decided our kids had cabin fever and needed to get out so we’d go and check it out. It started at 7.

At five till 7 she called and said, "we’re in the back row and have saved you seats." I said, "Joel is stuck in traffic (no one in San Diego knows how to drive in rain.) By the time we’d arrived and literally squeezed into the LAST parking spot, Joshua was asleep and the rain was downpouring.

We sat there a few minutes till the rain let up and jumped out and grabbed sleepy Josh. We started the trek to the church and my husband saw a family walking to their car. "That’s Shelley!" he said. Both of their kids were crying. The little one because the program was just too long to sit through when you are 3 and haven’t taken a nap yet. The older one (5) because she didn’t want to leave.  As they put their kids in the car the little one threw up all over and they headed home.

We made it to the church building just as the program was over and people were going into the small room of cookies and crafts. Fitting 4,000 people into a room that holds 350 was a bit crowded. We grabbed a cookie, a craft to do at home and started for the door.

"Wasn’t that a great program?" asked the women’s ministry director as we saw one another.

"Uh… well… honestly, my husband was stuck in traffic and then Josh fell asleep and we just made it," I admitted.

"Oh… it’s okay! God knows," she replied.

I hope so. Because if it’s all about "looking busy" doing God’s work when He returns I don’t know how I will hold up. But if celebrating Christmas is about doing things with the right motives and having it work out about half the time, we’re in good shape.


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  Susan wrote @

Oh Lisa
this is so good…it is NOT by my works…if it was I would be destined for hell….but it is by the perfect sacrifice of His Son Jesus, dying on the cross for my sins, to me He gave His Rightousness, and forgave me my sins…….
So perfect for this time of year.
After all Jesus was born ….to die…..
Love ya

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