The Ministry of Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Looking for Illness Articles to Reprint? We’ve got them!


Looking for some fresh content? One of the ways I have helped spread the word about Rest Ministries is to write a number of articles, all of which are available to reprint for free. You can use these anywhere, such as your blog, newsletter (for church or support group, or whatever…), ezine, web site or more.

Thank you for helping us by freely using the articles.


A sampling of articles include:

* Who Hates to Hear They Look Great? Over Half of the Chronically Ill

* 7 Secrets the Chronically Ill Want Chaplains to Know

* Living with Invisible Illness: 5 Ways to Let Go of Hurt Feelings

* 6 Reasons Not to Worry When You Have a Chronic Illness

* Romantic Ideas for When You Have a Chronic Illness

* Chronically Ill Can Manage Pain in Comfortable Hotels

* 50 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend

* 8 Choices You Must Make to Live Successfully with Chronic Illness

* Hospital Visits: What Do You Talk About?

* 6 Ways to Let Those with Chronic Illness in Your Church Know You Care

* My Medical Records: Why Can’t I See Them?

* 8 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Mom

* Are there Medical Benefits to Video Games?

* 6 Ways Anyone Can Lose a Few Pounds This Summer

* Celebrating Today Despite Living with Illness

* Illness Isn’t an Excuse for Not Guarding Our Words

* Learning to be Assertive Despite the Fatigue of Illness

Just be sure to include whatever footer is attached to send people over to Rest Ministries where they can find more freebies, like daily devotional and support groups. That’s all! We’d also love to know if you do use them so we can say thank you! We may even mention YOUR web site in our ezine which goes out to over 13,000 people. So… we all can help each other out in spreading the word so more people can find TRUE HOPE while living with illness, not just the temporary stuff.

You can find these articles at 2 web site, depending on your preference.

One is Idea Marketers where the materail can also be ayndicated on your web site or blog. See where instructions for syndication are also available.

The other is Faith Writers at where you can also "track the author" to be notified when new articles are posted.

If you ever find any of my writings online that you’re interested in reprinting, just email me and the answer is nearly always yes! rest[at]

Blessings Always,

Lisa Copen

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