The Ministry of Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

On the Way to Joni’s Conference

Well, we made it! I will share details later, but God really worked some miracles to let us be here and have (most of) our stuff arrived. I am up but I went to bed about midnight and slept until 2 am. Then got up and worked on my presentation a bit and tried to go back to sleep but my arm ached (too few pillows). Got up at 5:20 and hit the shower and we leave about 7:15 to be there by 8.

Amazing people, amazing passion. I am excited to share more with you later. We’re so glad our home and office survived and now we can be here to minister to others. Claudette Palatsky, author of Think it Not Strange has been a long-time "online" friend and we sell here book at the Comfort Zone. She’s going to be coming over and helping out with our table so I’m excited to finally meet her after years of online emails.

We had dinner last night with other speakers and sat at a table with two couples I’ve not seen for ages, but met through Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities when I served on the board. It’s so fun to catch up and see what God has done for all of our families and ministries.

Please pray for strength and stamina today. And that something worthwhile comes out of my mouth as I speak (after doing the presentation all week while evacuated and practicing in the hotel lobby last night in whispers, Lord knows He’s the one in charge!)

We exhibit all morning and I speak at 1:15 pm and then lead a networking group after that and then tear it all down. I’ll send photos of our exhibit later but it turned out beautiful (and big!). I’m wearing our new Hope Endures black v-neck t-shirt today and everyone seems to love them and the new fleece jackets. They literally arrived from the company between my husband’s 2 trips to load stuff over to the church. Because of the fires, all our shipping was delayed about 5 days.

Love you all, thank you for the honor of being able to speak on behalf of you and others who live with chronic illness. I’ll send you a cute photo later of my sweet boy who is wearing his own Hope Endures t-shirt I did as an iron-on. He was running all over yesterday passing out buttons and pens and quite the little marketer and encourager.


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  Patricia wrote @

Thanks for all you are doing for the cause of the chronically ill. I so enjoy your Blog, Lisa. I was praying for your safety and that your home would be saved from the fires. Praise God!
In my area there are no Hope Keeper groups and I’m too ill to initiate one.
My concern is for not only myself, but others who are too ill to participate in any way with my/our churches. Those of us
alomst 100% homebound are so lonely for fellowship with Christians. Online helps but we long for home visits. I’m not just speaking for myself as I know others in the same circumstances. Myself – I have asked for home visits – someone or more than one to come to my home for sharing the Bible, praying and just visiting. My church is rather small.
what they do for homebound (most live in assisted living/nursing homes) is to send the bulletin and sometimes bring by a small gift at the holidays (with other deliveries to be made the person could not even come in for awhile!) I only know a few women at my church and I sent a note to one with my request. She was out of town a lot so I finally called her. Her response was to come see me. But it has been many months since then. Yesterday the same lady called to visit on the phone. the call was brief so I did not bring up home visits. Right now I’m just praying. My church helped me with yard work this summer. I appreciated that a lot, but I don’t know how to handle the home visit request other than to approach another person with the request and see what happens. It seems churches are good at one-time requests but not so much with an ongoing ministry to the homebound. Thanks for letting me tell you about this. God Bless, Patricia

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