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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Home is safe!

Dear friends,

Forgive me for keeping this brief but I am so tired… but the house is standing! We were able to get back in today and all was fine. Very dirty, obvioulsy a lot of wind and soot had blown things all over, but our whole street was okay. We immediately started loading my husband’s Escape with things for the conference and then came back to the hotel about 6 hours later. The car is FULL. I ordered nice new banners that Fed Ex couldn’t deliver, so am not sure if I will get them or not. They said they are somewhere on one of the 30 semis at their base. If they scan it tomorrow a.m. theyn they will hold them for me to pick up. But I can deal with that kind of loss!

Due to air quality and not even knowing if we’d have power, we opted to stay here one more night. We had to make a decision by 10 a.m. and since we’re all coughing and exhausted it made the most sense. In the monring we will go back to drop the kitty off at a boarding house and pick up medicine at the pharmacy (priorities!) and then go to Pasadena. We’ve cleaned up the room here and got access to my computer (very smart husband.. boy, do I owe him big for all of his work!) and I’ve been finishing up my presentation and flyers, signs for the exhibit, etc. Through no fault of the natural disasters our house INSIDE looks like a hurricane went through. Packing at 4 a.m. to evacuate and later a conference will do that to it.

I can hardly think straight and have not had time to realize the emotions involved. But I can say both my husband and I felt a bit like Abraham standing over Isaac saying "We trust you, Lord. If you need this house and ministry you can have it." It’s not a fun place to be, but it makes me reassured that we’re both somewhere in this spiritual walk together.

Thank you for all the prayers. Friends are checking in and many are safe, but not all homes are accounted for yet. Please continue the prayers as people are still being evacuated even now as the fire continues to spread. The winds have started to die down so it’s finally time they can start to "fight" the fire. President Bush arrives tomorrow about 4 miles from our home to give a speech. I remember him just being here for the last fires too. Everywhere it seems to be about fire. We looked at the movie schedule for something for Josh yesterday and saw listed the movie, "The things we lost in the fire" with Halle Berry. Don’t think that will be doing well in San Diego this season.

Tomorrow night we’ll be at the Hilton in Pasadena (Lord willing, if all the freeways stay open) and the conference is Friday and Saturday. If you missed Joni’s new TV show, be sure to record it if you have Dish Network. It’s on 4 pm pacific on the NRB channel on Fridays (each week!0. See – it was fun to watch it last week and see all the places we’d just been. I feel so blessed to be in the presence of someone who lives with such joy despite her circumstances.

Love and prayers,



  Carlene Bean wrote @

Truly praising God with you and still praying for all involved.

  Carrie wrote @

Grateful for the updates through RM and through your site here. I will continue to keep the conference and the adjustment back to “house and home” in my prayers.
Thank you for all you do for your family and those of us in your extended “Chronic illness” family,
Carrie Gruhn
Anchorage AK

  Jennie Krogulski wrote @

Thanks for keeping us posted, Lisa! So happy to hear your house is okay! Will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers as you head to the conference.

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