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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Do you follow doctor’s orders?

Deldoctor Colin Guy, Staff writer for writes that… "A study recently completed by Midland-based Ameritox found that out of 240,000 long-term chronic pain patients, 77 percent were not in strict compliance with their physician’s instructions.

The study also found 13 percent of the urine samples contained a dosage of medication below the expected range and 30 percent did not contain any of the prescribed medication.

A press release issued by Ameritox, a Cornell University study found that doctors were unable to detect a patient misusing medications as much as 90 percent of the time and were also likely to mistakenly identify patients who are in compliance as medication abusers. Ameritox’s RxGuardian program, which provides feedback to doctors on what their patients are taking, is intended to help address this problem, Lopes said.

"Even within our own data these are pretty startling numbers," he said. "What Ameritox is trying to do is help physicians monitor their patients who have chronic pain. If they are not taking the medications appropriately doctors can try to get them back to their prescribed regimen."



  How Do They Test You For Diabetes wrote @

How Do They Test You For Diabetes

Indians, and Hispanics) and in women who had diabete

  Kurt P wrote @

RE: Ameritox.
As long as my medical insurance doesn’t cover a claim from Ameritox, I will never pay the balance. I never authorize a test for GCMS testing knowing that it is very expensive. There are 12 panel tests sold at Walgreens for $40.00 which covers the same tests that Ameritox performed for $730. I don’t support corporations like Ameritox, which capitalize and use scare tactics involving chronic pain. I have noticed that this has begun to be a new trend across the country and mainly sponsored by police and radical politicians. I would like to see the local, state and federal government get their nose out of Dr/patient relationships. I plan on writing a new Doctor/patient bill of rights that would eliminate any inquiry into medical use of any prescribed drugs including controlled substances, which will include any employer, and local, state, or federal law enforcement.
I guess I’m the low percentile according to Ameritox because I did not test positive for Toledo Window box. Toledo Window box is a highly diverted substance sold on the planet Vulcan. Companies like Ameritox on planet Earth cause financial pain and increase insurance co pays and premiums.

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