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Roller coasters and an exciting conference

If you’ve contacted me via email lately you’ve probably received a short reply. I’ve been swamped and my household a bit chaotic. Here’s some of what’s been happening around here:

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week–Sept 10-16, 2007

  • I finally completed re-doing the whole National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week web site. I think it looks pretty good. My son is thrilled because everything arriving to the house has a roller coaster on it. I gave him a notepad and a sticker and he thought he was pretty special. Another year or so and he can help put stamps on envelopes too!
  • I got up a MySpace web site for NICIAW and in just a few weeks we’ve got over 1500 friends! What a great way to spread the word.
  • I’ve finished designing all the NICIAW promotional items. (I hear weird words like "vector files are required for this item" in my sleep.). Speaking of sleep, thankfully the body rebelled and didn’t get much for a few weeks so I’ve been able to work at night. That’s one way to count your (odd) blessings.

International Christian Retail Show–July 9-13

  • I’m preparing for the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS, formerly callled CBA for Christian Booksellers). It’s in Atlanta in July and I will be attending the AWSA women’s writers conference 3 days prior. I got off postcards to bookstore owners and other people who may want to come by a booth and get one of my signed books. I will be signing books at the Christian Small Publishers Association booth and Christian Leaders Authors Speakers booth (CLASS). Honored and excited to do both!
  • Made reservations for the trip, etc. and am a bit bummed now that my mom (my biggest fan) won’t be able to come with me. She just had a stroke due to her diabetes and needs time to recover and then get back to work too. (Maybe next year, Mom?) Hopefully all will go smooth. I never assume anything when I travel and it’s always hard physically, even when the purpose is a good one.
  • I read through blogs of agents and authors I admire who are going and have decided I am sneaking my way into this thing. Will there be a big banner reading "fake" when I arrive at the booths? I have visions that someone will say, "We’ve discovered that you really don’t know what you are doing. Please leave through that back door."

Coming up!

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Joni and Friends Through the Roof Summit in October in Southern California. I zipped off a subject about invisible illnesses/disabilities for their flyers. Details forthcoming.

So, okay, I sound like I’ve sort of got a grip on things, right?

  • The flip side is my 4-year-old ended speech therapy and I went to his IEP meeting. He met all his goals. He can officially cut an index card in half now. I met with a doctor about a few more concerns of mine about him for preschool.
  • The cat brings in nearly 1 lizard a day if I don’t shut all the doors.
  • Friends with 2 kids stayed 2 nights while their house was tented for termites. Lots of fun, but exhausting. I stopped counting how many toys I took out of the hamper or made Josh’s bed or said, "Let’s share!"
  • My husband is working a lot for a deadline at his work. He does sound engineering for Sony’s Playstation video games. He worked until 4 a.m. the other morning and worked Sat. Instead of the company picnic he had to work. We went to his work and Josh played with 4 kids of the announcer’s for a few hours. Two 4-year-olds plus 2 hotwheels make for great bonding.
  • I’ve lost the babysitter’s phone number twice now and will have to drive over to her house and admit I’ve lost it. Am trying to find some help while I’m gone. So far 3 people have said they can’t do it. 4th of July weekend is hard to find someone home.
  • Even though I’ve felt pretty lousy physically, somehow we’ve done the fair, and then yesterday Legoland. It was just 3 hours and my husband stood in the lines with Josh. Yes, people do look at you funny if you read a book at Legoland.
  • My son, who hardly eats anything, choked on a chip and threw up at a restaurant and now is refusing anything that looks remotely like a chip (including fries.) He’s on a popcorn diet for a few days… Speaking of diets (ugh!) I am still doing low-carb and trying to lose 34 lbs. So far, I’m 11 down, a lot to go. I splurged and had sugar free ice cream at Legoland. Had carbs, but… was worth it!

So that’s it in a nutshell. Every day is a new adventure, some include a shower, some not. If wildlife or throw up is involved, I make sure it’s a shower day.


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  Judy wrote @

Lisa, Lisa, you are so not a “fake.” Praying for God-orchestrated appointments for you at ICRS.

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