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Are they serious? Reality TV kidney competition

I was never a fan of the "Big Brother" show. Back before I had a child and watched something other than Sesame Street I had a few spare moments when it was all that was on. Sure, sociologically I found it fascinating… (my major in college) but it was also… very sad. Nothing like watching some of those reality TV programs to know that it won’t be too long before our Lord comes back, right?

But now the company that brought us people screaming at each other, drinking and jumping in and out of beds, has sunk to a new low. Yeah, really low. A terminally ill woman will decide which "contestant" will receive her kidneys when she passes on. She will hear interviews with the three candidates, their families and friends before choosing who will get her kidney.

A news story states, "The Dutch TV station says it will go ahead with a programme. Political parties have called for The Big Donor Show to be scrapped, but broadcaster BNN says it will highlight the country’s shortage of organ donors. "It’s a crazy idea," said Joop Atsma, of the ruling Christian Democrat Party. "It can’t be possible that, in the Netherlands, people vote about who’s getting a kidney," he told the BBC.

If I was the one needing the kidney, perhaps this "game" wouldn’t be a game, but a chance to live by impressing someone with an interview. When we bought our home, I genuinely think one of the  reasons our offer was accepted was because the previous owners somewhat "liked us."

But even if I can get past the fact that people will be trying to "win" a kidney (I’m sure being on the list of waiting for one seems like a lottery anyway) I can’t get past the fact that they are making this into "entertainment." People will sit and watch a woman with a brain tumor decide who should get one of her organs.

I just can’t fathom that this would be something to watch while eating popcorn.

And based on what has been said about the actual donation, it IS JUST for entertainment.

Education Minister Ronald Plasterk, addressing parliament on behalf of the government because the health minister was ill, replied that there were serious questions about whether the transplant would actually go through as BNN has advertised it — but that there was no way to stop the program from airing.

"In every transplant the tissue of the donor and the patient must match as much as possible,” Plasterk said. “The doctors in this program can’t make any concessions on that front.”

There also was doubt whether Lisa’s organs could be donated at all because it might spread her cancer, he said.

“So it’s very possible that in practical terms we’re not talking about anything here, because it’s possible this transplant can’t take place,” he said.

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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