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Helping a Spouse with a Chronic Illness

Thought I would share this article! It’s always nice to see this in the news.


Helping A Spouse With A Chronic Illness, Advice From AARP: Studies Show That Spousal Support Is Important In Managing An Illness – CBS News

May 24, 2007

Gabrielle Redford, features editor of AARP: The Magazine, with Julie Chen on The Early Show Thursday (CBS/The Early Show)


Do you have a close friend or relative with a chronic illness? Any care-giving tips to share?

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(CBS) The statistics are daunting:
90 million Americans suffer from a chronic illness:

90% of senior citizens have one chronic disease

77% of senior citizens have two or more chronic diseases

As of May, 2007, approximately 638,515 people have died from chronic disease this year (Chronic illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma or COPD, etc).
Chronic illness will touch many lives in the coming year, and, according to Gabrielle Redford, features editor of AARP: The Magazine, there’s a strong link between having the support of a spouse or significant other and successful control of the chronic ailment.

When a chronic illness is diagnosed, she said during a visit to The Early Show, it means a lifestyle change not only for the patient, but for those closest to him or her. "First you go through having the experience of the illness…" Read More

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  Melissa wrote @

I have a bone marrow disease called myelofibrosis. I am 25 married and have on two year old son. The biggest symptom of my disease if fatigue due to uncurable anemia and medicines. I still work full time and take care of my son, but when it comes to house work…I’m not much help. My husband is very angry with me b/c I’m not much help. He said he is sick of doing it all. I do take care of grocery shopping and bills, it’s the physical stuff that gets me. What can I do to help?

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